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The story about the experience of Trung Nguyen Coffee

Trung Nguyen

The story about the experience of the roads around the city of Saigon yesterday, there was a funny experience. Tonight it was our second day in town. Because all afternoon we were tired of walking down town to check list ittinerary one by one to the places that must be visited during the city tour, before turning to the hotel, we decided to stop by for a coffee shop. This actually stopped by a deliberate because this coffee shop is in the list of our ittinerary hehe .. 🙂
His name is Trung Nguyen Coffee shop. It is said that coffee sold here is topnotch coffee native Vietnam with a special flavor. We were curious to try the coffee flavors taste like anything special. We entered the tavern guests were greeted pleasantly by the waitress. We choose comfortable seating and enough for four. The atmosphere in the shop is quite comfortable. Visitors are not full at that time.

That most beautiful café in Bali


Beautiful café, where does your inspiration come somewhere while on vacation?, If you are a child exists and slang, we believe the same answer as us.
Yes, now this one is social media has become a mainstay of netizens  to hunt a new place, which looks attractive, hits and beautiful.

Check out 7 of our version of the beautiful café in Bali that most often appear on Instagram. Do you ever post your picture there?

1. Motel Mexicola
Located on one of the most happening districts, Seminyak, themed cafe Mexico’s increasingly crowded invaded netizen from across the country. Obviously, besides thematic dĂ©cor and bright colorful, convenient location and unique atmosphere, make this place very suitable for Instagram.
Sample dishes like the Taco De Mexico mainstay Res and Quesadillas de Pollo, or enjoy a refreshing drink as well as unique cocktails Passion Maracuja while relaxing with friends and family in the middle of the upbeat music boom.

Awaccino 3D Latte Art Maker

3D Art Coffee

If latte art 2-dimensional feels too normal for you, try another product of Takara Tomy Arts that can help you make latte art 3-dimensional, ie Awaccino 3-D Latte Art Maker.

Latte art creations trend is forming foam on a cappuccino or coffee latte into an interesting picture. Start a trend that is very popular around 2012-2013 years ago in Japan. And he cried again, these days it seems the baristas are not satisfied only with milk foam drawing his course, so continued to innovate to make the milk foam into three-dimensional shapes are embossed into the surface of the coffee. But unfortunately in making 3D latte art, the process is much more difficult because we had to race against time before coffee and foam to cool its “deflated” or down. Approximately preparation should not be more than 5 minutes. Well … create 3D creations that want to make latte art in their own homes with a much easier process, Takara Tomy, the Japanese toy company, making 3D Latte Art Maker Awa Taccino. This product is a blender gadgets that can make milk foam on top of the coffee, then form a three-dimensional creations more easily! He cried again, we just need the basic materials, namely milk!

7 Unique Coffee Shop

Some coffee shops have a concept or rely on the uniqueness of the taste of coffee served. However, I think every coffee shop must also pay attention to this one factor. Of course there must be another unique thing that should be highlighted that the main attraction or characteristic of warkop us.

If in big cities, many coffee shops and luxurious premium concept, let alone make a coffee shop with more traditional concepts with a strong local culture. It’s unique and not many businesses that do warkop this concept. For example, the waiters wear traditional clothes, disposable cups cup typical of a particular area, how to make it adapted to the traditional way of specific areas and so forth.

From the design or architecture, a unique coffee shop design will certainly be the main attraction. The architecture of coffee shop will indicate to whom the coffee shop reserved. Classic design for coffee lovers, certainly different from the modern coffee lovers ranging from how to care, furniture, layout, types of coffee and others. The following is an example of a unique coffee shop I have ever read.

How To Desain an Unique Coffee Shop

On this time I will give you some tips to start opening a coffee shop. Maybe a lot of online magazines and several reference books that explore how to design a comfortable coffee shop, but rarely found a unique way of designing different from each other, but on the other hand the creativity of the instigators of a business in cafenery very much and continues to grow, today many popping up various types cafe that serves a wide variety of decorating themes are classified as very unique, from ethnic themed to the use futuristic theme elegant and luxurious impression. Dynamism creativity instigators of effort in bringing a wide variety of decorating themes for his cafe cafeteria in the world makes the competition is very tight and promises lucrative profits, coupled with the enthusiasm of people who loved to gather together while enjoying the free wifi to just open social sites and shopping online. Even employees who spend time transaction with the customer / client. occasionally also want to spend time in the coffee shop to relax and enjoy a cigarette and forget for a moment that occurs in the office after a very boring routine.

Not only thrive in big cities alone but nearly every corner of the village can easily be found unique coffee shop with a variety of models and its own culinary theme. for example with very beautiful rustic theme, cafe Area paddy fields and ravines, but very crowded in the visit of the local youth and even tourists from home and abroad. Pengusungan cafe design is closely associated with the culinary served at the cafe, both ethnic and culinary culinary very modern though. Not just in terms of culinary, interior design used must be very unique and precise placement, it is intended to provide a distinctive appearance and add to the impression of comfort cafe visitors to spend time relaxing in the cafe.