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Coffee Culture in Tiongkok

Coffee Culture in Tiongkok

Based on the research data, the number of the coffee shop in Tiongkok more than doubled from 15,000 to 31,000 during the period 2007-2012. So even with one of the international coffee chain already has branches throughout the world, currently has around a thousand outlets in China and is targeting 1 500 outlets in 2015. It is little wonder, the article, China is known for his tea consumption is high.

Global brands such as Starbucks entered China since 1999 continue to target the younger generation and the premium market segment. Starbucks currently has 1,001 cafes and targets to open 1,500 outlets in China by the end of 2015. Shanghai as the city early to know the culture of coffee drinking once had the highest growth in the consumption of coffee, Starbucks has more than 100 outlets.

Asian Dolce Latte premium Starbucks Espresso Roast


Starbucks Indonesia has also introduced their new beverage, the Asian Dolce Latte. Mirza from the Learning and Development Starbucks also shared their experiences and knowledge about the journey of coffee, starting from the grower, buyer, roaster to process barista. The process is quite long and interesting it makes the coffee produced by Starbucks has always been a favorite for the wider community.

For friends who like coffee drinks heavily, probably would like to have black coffee Sumatra. The taste is bitter but not as a whole, when taken slowly almost like drinking chocolate but still there is a sense of bitterness, strong aroma of spices was once the poor, and the coffee is less acidity making it safe for the stomach.

How to make Affogato at Home

Make Affogato

Coffee is not merely a matter of black coffee. Indeed, the most well known blended coffee urban society. However, different types of coffee blended espresso made using as the basis.

Espresso itself, an Italian coffee which is thicker and concentration, as well as higher levels of caffeine due to the smaller volume. How to make must use the espresso machine, by pressing powders that have been finely ground coffee with boiling water.

Of espresso, blended coffee menu row can be formulated, such as cappuccino, espresso plus the hot milk and foam the milk boil. There is also a caffe latte which is also a coffee milk, but the foam is lighter than a cappuccino and a different size. In addition, their macchiato that tastes more tender and topped with milk foam.

Starbucks Coffee Indonesia Promotion


There are many things you can do to save the earth, including in the most convenient and most fun as with a tumbler (heat-resistant glasses) or own mug to Starbucks for enjoy your favorite coffee with half price.

Yup, each dated 22nd Starbucks coffee shops offer 50% discount if you bring a tumbler or mug Starbucks. This is a form of appreciation for bringing a drink yourself means you have participated in the movement of love of the earth through the action of minimizing the use of disposable cups, which in turn is expected to help reduce the action of cutting of trees on earth.


Earth day action you can also fill out every day because beyond the date of 22, you will get a discount of Rp 3,000 if you visit a Starbucks coffee shop and order a drink by using its own Starbucks tumbler.

Terms and Conditions:
Must be Starbucks mug or Tumbler (not more than 20oz)
Reason for Quality, not valid for any of the brands mug or tumbler
Only valid every 22nd of the month
Valid only on the Starbucks stores in Inodnesia
Max 2 beverages / queue / customer
Terms And Conditions apply

other promo that every month for you who visit Starbucks at 15th.

Product of Starbucks Cafe

The flagship product of Starbucks is Cold Comfort Coffee, Tea TeaWorld of Tazzo, and Clasic Caffe Latte. However, Starbucks sells a variety of coffee, espresso, hot drinks and other cold, snacks, and accessories such as cups, coffee beans. Through the cooperation with Starbucks Entertainment division and Hear Music. Many of the products the company produced only seasonal or specific to locality stores in a particular area. Starbucks branded ice cream and coffee are also offered at grocery stores. Italian-style Starbucks coffee, espresso drinks, tea, pastries and sweets have made Starbucks become famous one of the largest retail chains in the history of the Coffee Shop.

Besides, Starbucks developing new products for the non-drinkers of coffee in order to provide further market development and be competitive. Starbucks attract current and new customers not only with quality products, but also with a sense of variety that consumers want to feel.