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Your Body Within an Hour of Drinking Coffee

Drinking Coffee

For those of you, coffee lovers may have a habit every morning to sip a cup of hot coffee. Drinking Coffee habits of this seem to be mandatory activities the morning after or before bathing. So, something was odd when leaving the coffee morning worship.

But, you are not aware of the extent to which drinking coffee affects almost all of your body, from the eyes to the blood, even a few minutes after you sip? There is a small observation on the effects of coffee can affect everything in our bodies.

M3 Quest Coffee Roaster

M3 Quest Coffee Roaster

Some time ago, I tried to roast coffee Bali coffee, using a sample made in Taiwan, namely the M3 Quest Coffee Roaster. He is a roaster machine with a maximum capacity of 300 grams that use electricity as a heat source. Overall the roasting machine is made of stainless steel with a total weight of 10 kg. Quest M3 roaster Coffee Roaster is a machine that is operated entirely manually, without any preset button for automatic cooling profiles and the Like Behmor. Through setting the temperature and air flow (water flow) in the drum manually, we can dig more wealth flavor and aroma of coffee.

Espresso Romano from Italy

espresso romano

Espresso Romano, Coffee with a slice of lemon? The concept may seem unusual. But the barista in Italy and Spain have long mixing lemon slices in a cup of black coffee. In Italy, a beverage called espresso romano is one of the several variants of espresso. In this coffee is usually a slice of lemon is found. Espresso is presented is also not much, just a single shot.

While in Spain the coffee with lemon presented along with ice cubes. His name cafe del tiempo. There is no certainty of which the habit of putting lemon in a cup of coffee occurred. Some say the practice is carried out when a cafe in Italy during World War II, a shortage of water. Barista cleaning up former espresso coffee with lemon zest.

Kaffeost Coffee with Cheese From Finland


Kaffeost, Finland with an area of 338 424 km2 area, and a population with a population of only 5.5 million souls, Finland is not as big as America, France or Italy. However, the Nordic countries who presume it turns out this is a coffee consuming country per year in the world.

Obviously, if the Finns had a great love of coffee in such a way with each person spending an estimated 12 kg of coffee per year. More than twice the average of other European countries!

Once the importance of coffee in Finland, it will be regarded as an insult if we went to someone’s home but not served a cup of coffee. Coffee is already considered part of hospitality for the people of Finland.

Imagine is not it eat cheese mixed with coffee? If you had lived or stopped in the famous mobile phone producer, Nokia, certainly no stranger to it.

Jebena: Traditional Coffee Maker from African

Jebena Ethiopian coffeee ceremony

Coffee ceremony is a centuries-old tradition in some African countries and the Middle East, from Ethiopia to Palestine. One holder of a central role in the rites of harvest and meetings between people are Jebena, kettle clay which has a wide bottom with two funnel – one to pour a drink and the others face up to mix drinks. Simbo often decorated with tribal symbols, the tool is used to celebrate the coffee beans they produce together.

Various types of coffee can be used in Jebena, although it is often a mix of local, as an expression of joy for the gift which is the central point in the ceremony. This celebration is common in many societies Ethiopia, Sudan and Eritrea, featuring dozens of different types of coffee from each region. In Ethiopia, where coffee is the most profitable commodity, coffee bean is the most popular Yirgacheffe, Harrar and Keffa – all named after their place of origin are very proud of.