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Carafe Coffee Maker With Special Case for Still Hot


Carafe coffee maker is a coffee maker that directly prepare coffee to a thermal carafe, which keeps coffee to stay hot for longer than a traditional coffee maker with glass pot. Carafe can be removed from the machine and transferred to the kitchen table, coffee table, or anywhere coffee is served. Using the carafe to keep coffee would stay hot over hot coffee and fresh compared to using pot over a heater, which may cause the coffee tasted like burnt or stale. Thermal carafe has insulation to keep the coffee warm, while the glass pots have no insulation or a way to prevent the coffee gets cold.

There are many brands, models, and style carafe coffee maker, and many are produced by well-known companies that make traditional coffee maker. The colors are the most popular carefe is black, silver, red, and steel. However, part of the coffee-maker is usually black, although many models combine black and stainless steel. Carafe coffee maker is available in department stores and stores that sell kitchen items or household goods. The price can vary, depending on how many copies are made by a unit, engine model, manufacturer, and more features.

How to make Affogato at Home

Make Affogato

Coffee is not merely a matter of black coffee. Indeed, the most well known blended coffee urban society. However, different types of coffee blended espresso made using as the basis.

Espresso itself, an Italian coffee which is thicker and concentration, as well as higher levels of caffeine due to the smaller volume. How to make must use the espresso machine, by pressing powders that have been finely ground coffee with boiling water.

Of espresso, blended coffee menu row can be formulated, such as cappuccino, espresso plus the hot milk and foam the milk boil. There is also a caffe latte which is also a coffee milk, but the foam is lighter than a cappuccino and a different size. In addition, their macchiato that tastes more tender and topped with milk foam.

How To Use Bellman CX25 Coffee Maker


Bellman CX25 May already sounds familiar in the ears if you are a coffee lover, must already know with the assorted coffee maker. But, how do you think about this one tool? a tool that is more or less similar to Moka pot and the system works the same as in the heat over the ordinary or electric stove and instantly make milk steam.

Bellman CX-25 is enameled espresso and steam milk with manual systems. Only by entering the coffee grounds into the filter basket and filled with water, and heated with a stove, the tool is ready to produce espresso coffee machine withdrawal with or without electricity. In addition to producing espresso, Bellman also is used to steaming or frothing milk. With material made of stainless steel make this tool easy to clean.

CX 25 info

CX 25 info

In the use steamer equipment (both on a professional espresso machine or manually steamer like Bellman), the crust on the surface of the machine is exposed to water is a problem that most often occurs (except for some water in containers that have often proved to be a little crusty or even free crust for mineral content at a certain level).
Here is some information for descaling tips on channel steamer.

Portable Coffee Machine for Traveling

handpresso portable

Are you a fan of coffee and always consume every day? For most people, the espresso coffee is one of the classics is always a choice for fans of coffee with a stronger taste. However, not everyone can make it because it requires a special tool espresso makers. For those who want to enjoy an espresso anytime and anywhere without having to visit a store that sells for portable coffee machine, this tool could be one solution.

Minipresso Portable Coffee Machine
Traveling to a cool place, it is the most delicious coffee. But without a complete equipment, make coffee while traveling will be a challenge. Well, now there Minipresso, mini-sized coffee maker. How it works Minipresso is to extract the coffee powder with hot water up into a delicious espresso coffee.

Minipresso Machine

Minipresso Machine

Just enter the coffee powder in the lid, then fill the hot water in the bottom. Then flip and ‘pump’ both to meet in the middle and the coffee extract can be directly out of the hole in the bottom. Voila! Now you can enjoy coffee directly anytime and anywhere.

This machine does not require batteries or electricity, and only rely on the pressure of the pump is done users. Minipresso made by companies from Hong Kong is also fully equipped with glasses. For a small cup of coffee, you simply pump up as much as 13 small and espresso coffee with 18 times the pump and a double espresso with 28 times the pump.

Here Video How to Use Minipresso:

The History about Espresso Machine

For fans of espresso, espresso machine usage purpose is to obtain pure flavor, complex, and steady from the extraction of coffee brewing in a relatively short time. The new espresso machine is present in the history of the 19th century, and even then still through several times improvement before becoming its present form.

Modern espresso machine was originally developed as a means of more quickly brew coffee using steam power. Here’s a very brief history of espresso machines since its inception.

Early emergence penyeduh Coffee Machines Steam

Coffee penyeduh steam engine began to be made in the 19th century, when the central European nation devoted to the coffee. This machine was created after many complaints would be the old-style coffee brewing process is slow. Of the various types of machines are created, machine-made Italian Angelo MORIONDO be the first machine that combines a patented brewing techniques with water and steam. However, Luigi Bezzera be the one to enhance the engine by adding new elements, such as the portafilter, as well as turning it into a single shot espresso machine first.

Bezzera then formed a partnership with Desiderio Pavoni to enhance the machine. Pavoni bought the rights to his patent in 1903. Pavoni create a variety of changes to enhance the machine, for example by adding a pressurized pipe to pour coffee without having to make the barista exposed to splashing hot coffee because the pressure is released suddenly. The term began their espresso cafee introduced in 1906, when they brought the machine to show Milan Fair. The term “Espresso Machine” is becoming increasingly popular and shapes that then appear more unique and diverse.