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All-in-one Cafflano Classic Coffee Maker

All-in-one Cafflano Classic Coffee Maker

Although most Indonesian people are still using ‘unfiltered’, good coffee is coming out of a long process, starting from the coffee grinder until the coffee brewer is the requirement that the best coffee can be enjoyed.

Although many negative assumptions about them, coffee is actually storing nutrients and essential minerals, antioxidants, and helps the body to release the hormone adrenaline. The problem is getting a delicious coffee is not easy, and instant powder in containers, not a healthy alternative. That’s why it is very important for the role of barista coffee lovers.

Bangi Kopitiam Combines Coffee Shops and Restaurants

Bangi Kopitiam Jakarta

Culinary business continues to grow. Each time, there are new players enliven the business. In fact, not a few foreign players enliven. Many of them are also aggressively offering franchises or partnerships. One is Bangi Kopitiam Malaysian. Venture established in 2006, officially entered Indonesia in 2011. To this day, there are 34 branches Bangi Kopi Tiam throughout Indonesia.

Among others in Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Bali, Surabaya, Cirebon, Lampung, Medan, and Makassar. “Three of them belong to the branch office,” said Peter Halim, Director Of Franchise Bangi Kopitiam Indonesia.

Bangi Kopitiam is an eating place that combines the concept of coffee shops and restaurants. There are at least 100 menu food and beverages sold in this place. The food menu consists of cuttlefish nasi lemak, chicken reddish white rice, chicken chop rice, and tea mak rice trade. While the drinks there are ice milo, aunty yee white ice coffee, special coffee and chilled.

The Secret Coffee blended from Libya

Libyan Coffee

Drinking Libya coffee has become commonplace for coffee lovers. Coffee can be a friend late nights, or coworkers while at the office. Likewise with me, though not too fond of black coffee (a bit dizzy if you drink black coffee); but no milk for the coffee that I can enjoy it. Today, there is a surprise coming from one of the students where I work. She brought coffee concoction that has lived pour hot water into a glass. Since she came from Libya, so it is of interest how this Libyan coffee tastes.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

I like to spend time relaxing in a Coffee Bean while drinking frappucino, eating cake or sandwich, and play my i-pad. If you traveled to Indonesia, especially Jakarta or Bali, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has opened stores in several places. one of which I’ll review the following.

At that time, the mall that I visited was Senayan City. We were there during the afternoon. After a long walk, we want to relax in one of the cafes. Our attention was drawn to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in the middle of the area on the ground floor.

My second message 2 kinds of foods and beverages, namely:

English Breakfast – Salmon Scrambled
This package breakfast (apparently the afternoon they sold ya) whose content is a pair of round bread such as bread burger, with bacon burger kind of contents and an omelet with salmon chunks. One bread accidentally divided into two parts and placed beside the plate. In addition, there is a small container containing dried fruit, then butter, strawberry jam, and chili sauce. This sandwich awful, I like! Bread was somewhat crisp. I eat with butter as well. If dried fruit I less liked, hehe .. This package includes 1 cup of tea.
Price = Rp 59 091, – before tax

Tiramisu Cake
Definitely, almost all know tiramisu cake right? Layered cake with tiramisu flavor. The Coffee Bean is also a tiramisu cake. The bottom is the chocolate cake, then topped tiramisu is creamy, and the top is brown. Tiramisu cake typical of Coffee Bean, the edges (the cake) there is a kind of biscuit that is compiled into a kind of fence that surrounds the cake. It feels good, especially for fans of the cake as I There is a sense of tiramisu, chocolate. The bite is mixed between soft tiramisu with surrounding biscuit cake dryness.
Price = Rp 26 818, – before tax

Tiramisu Cake

Tiramisu Cake

Coffee Arabica Wamena

wamena village

Wamena is a small town located in the valley of the mountains Jayawijaya, Papua, Indonesia. The climate is very cold with temperatures between 15 to 20 degrees Celsius. Wamena town can only be reached by airplane from Sentani Airport, Jayapura and takes about 45 minutes. Airlines serving routes Jayapura – Wamena is Merpati, Trigana, and small aircraft type Pilatus managed by the Mission.

Wamena is known as the largest coffee producing region in Papua. Arabica coffee comes from Papua Wamena Baliem valley surrounding mountain areas. Papua is now growing coffee and started in export throughout the world. Papua coffee is organic coffee of the highest quality. Because Papua is still very fertile coffee produced is very good. Fragrant coffee aroma, smooth and has a very sweet after-taste. Some activists coffee coffee equate this with Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee beans. Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is Arabica coffee grown in the Blue Mountain in Jamaica and a premium coffee. That is why KSU Baliem Arabica Coffee Arabica named product of Papua with the nickname “Baliem Blue Coffee” (abbreviated BBCoffee). Among other Arabica coffee, coffee contains caffeine at least.

Arabica coffee Papua Wamena that we sell have a blend of aroma Flower, Spicy, and Caramel. In terms of taste, coffee Papua Wamena we have a blend of flavors between Nutty, Orange, and Herbs. Arabica coffee Wamena Papua has the aroma and distinctive taste compared to the taste of Arabica coffee else.