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Coffee Nitro: Coffee with a mixture Nitrogen

Coffee Nitro

If you are true coffee fans then you must know which type of coffee beverage that is a trend throughout 2015. What did you first think when reading the title of this article? Unique, Curious, or want to try. I also feel what you feel therefore I will provide information about the drinks that are popular among coffee lovers. I direct us to consider a trip Coffee Nitro in this article.

But, you already know yet, if nitrogen could be useful also in the manufacture of coffee? Although drip coffee and espresso coffee lovers have dominated the hard-line, iced coffee has begun to have its own followers. One iced coffee is coffee nitro.

Knowing the types of black coffee

espresso black coffee

Black Coffee, now coffee has become a lifestyle. Often we see people passing by, holding a coffee in her hand. I wonder how much of their work to take caffeine every day. Moreover, the proliferation of coffee shops in Indonesia enables us to get a cup of coffee. But, actually, you know not you think that black coffee that is diverse?

Talking about Spain Cortado Coffee

cortado coffee


When talking about Spain, which first arose in our heads is a bull, the matador, and typical dances of the country concerned. Whereas Spain also has a cortado coffee culture that is not less interesting with its cultures other, also the coffee culture of another country. The Spaniards did not quite as stylish as those in Vienna in terms of coffee, and they do not have the coffee community – but they also have a coffee habit attractive. The terms and names that they use for each drink coffee are also different from other countries

Cortado (the word “Cortar” from Spanish, means cutting); also known as the “Tallat” in Catalan, “Ebaki” in Basque, “Pingo” or “Garoto” in Portugal and “noisette” in France; is espresso cut with a little warm milk to reduce the acidity. The ratio of milk to coffee is between 1: 01-1: 02, and the milk is added to the espresso cup filled.

Frappe is a typical Greek iced coffee product

Frappe culture in greece

Frappe Coffee culture has long been a habit of Greeks. This culture is inherent in the whole society. From the recognition of the owner of the coffee shop, Kleanthis Kanellos, the Greek citizens certainly willing to pay top dollar for the sake of a cup of coffee, provided that the coffee has a good taste.

Although the current money supply is limited, but not the slightest lack of interest for the community to enjoy a cup of coffee. For comparison, the price of coffee in Indonesia is much cheaper compared to Greece. In Greece, a cup of black coffee at a price tag of about twenty-nine thousand rupiahs compared with Indonesia, which is only two thousand rupiah. Meanwhile, for the coffee frappe appreciated sixty-six thousand rupiahs. Nevertheless, Greek citizens still love it, and it makes it a favorite.

Espresso Romano from Italy

espresso romano

Espresso Romano, Coffee with a slice of lemon? The concept may seem unusual. But the barista in Italy and Spain have long mixing lemon slices in a cup of black coffee. In Italy, a beverage called espresso romano is one of the several variants of espresso. In this coffee is usually a slice of lemon is found. Espresso is presented is also not much, just a single shot.

While in Spain the coffee with lemon presented along with ice cubes. His name cafe del tiempo. There is no certainty of which the habit of putting lemon in a cup of coffee occurred. Some say the practice is carried out when a cafe in Italy during World War II, a shortage of water. Barista cleaning up former espresso coffee with lemon zest.