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My Kopi O! : cafe restaurant original from Indonesia

My Kopi O

My Kopi O! is a cafe restaurant originating from Indonesia. Kopitiam concept of modern, My Kopi-O! always offer something new and unique from food, drinks or Interior and Event. My Kopi-O! comes from the desire to combine Western and Asian Style in all aspects, with a design concept that is friendly and dynamic.

Everything is My Favorite. True, all the menus in My Kopi-O! a favorite for our customers. Almost all kinds of food and beverages ordered visitors every day. in addition, to selling a wide range of coffee alias coffee places also offer a variety of foods, from appetizers, main course, to dessert snacks. Likewise with his drink, although named Kopi-O! But all kinds of drinks there.

Phoenam Café Authentic from Makassar

Kaya Toast and fried

The term coffee tiam was not too long popular among foodies. The term is said to be used to refer to drinking coffee or now perhaps more familiarly known by the coffee shop. Makassar is quite a lot of places are starting to use this term to refer to himself, one of which is Phoenam Café.

Coffee. I love the black liquor since age I have not even allowed sitting in elementary school. This is due, my mama was brewed coffee lovers. So every afternoon I have always approached the mother to come get a mouthful of hot coffee delicious homemade mother’s brother Pik, my beloved nanny.
Two sips of a mouthful, I finally had to get a special small cup of coffee mugs for myself besides the mother is greater. Very delighted. For me since then, coffee has substances that can make my heart happy.

Cinnamon coffee homemade

Homemade Cinnamon Coffee

Cinnamon coffee is a coffee drink that uses cinnamon (cinnamon) as other flavorings. Two main ingredients are cinnamon and coffee, which can be added to enrich the flavor or texture of these beverages. Drinks that can be made of coffee and cinnamon including the hot and cold coffee, lattes and smoothies. They are available in many coffee shops and can also be made at home with a few simple steps.

Coffee obtained from the seeds of the coffee plant. Coffee beans will go through processing, drying and roasting, and then sold either in the form of whole or ground coffee. This product is available as regular coffee, as well as in a variety of flavors, including cinnamon. Cinnamon is obtained by drying the bark of Cinnamomum, which is available in the form of powdered cinnamon or cinnamon. Cinnamon and coffee combined with compact in coffee drinks.

Grinder Latina N600 Most Economical and Suitable For Use At Home

gambar depan

Grinder Latina N600 is the presence grinder (grinder) coffee is something that can not be passed by the coffee lovers, then before thinking of buying a processing tool serving coffee call it espresso machine, grinder should be prioritized in advance or a machine would be useless without the necessary grinder ideal. Results be affected by steeping the coffee is milled (grind size) and will certainly determine the enjoyment of a cup of coffee.

Generally, there are two types of grinder used for lovers of the manual coffee grinder and grinder namely electricity, while the manual means without the use of electricity and electric grinder certainly require electric current because it uses special motors and the addition of features.

This occasion I will only tell you specifically about Latina Grinder N600. The reason I choose a course because the price is quite economical for the type of the electric grinder, its ability is quite good and satisfactory in terms of other functional. The grinder can be used to serve coffee wearing or using the espresso machine coffee maker or more often called manual brewing.

Homemade Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew is suitable for living in tropical countries like Indonesia, especially in big cities are hot, sipping cold drinks can certainly be ‘paradise’ of its own to eliminate hunger. Not to be outdone, cold coffee is also increasingly being sought after by fans. There are two ways of presenting cold coffee that is currently popular coffee shop in the country, and a Cold Brew Iced Coffee. For those who do not know what Cold Brew, Coffee Roving previously been discussed here. Because of its unique flavor when served cold coffee, both fans of Cold Brew Iced Coffee and many who later became rabid and considered one type of cold coffee beverage is better than the other. But, is it so?

Cold coffee was first discovered by Toddy Coffee. The legend says, Toddy does not find a method that is common in the coffee brewing process in 1964 ago. He was inspired by his experience ordering a cup of coffee at a cafe that serves coffee in Guatemala in concentrate form and served cold temperature along with a pot of hot water at his side. His mother who can not drink coffee because like stomach problems turned out not experience any problems after drinking coffee in the cafe. From there Toddy then creates an internationally brewed method called cold brew.

sparkling sunkist iced brew coffee

sparkling Sunkist iced brew coffee