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My Kopi O! : cafe restaurant original from Indonesia

My Kopi O

My Kopi O! is a cafe restaurant originating from Indonesia. Kopitiam concept of modern, My Kopi-O! always offer something new and unique from food, drinks or Interior and Event. My Kopi-O! comes from the desire to combine Western and Asian Style in all aspects, with a design concept that is friendly and dynamic.

Everything is My Favorite. True, all the menus in My Kopi-O! a favorite for our customers. Almost all kinds of food and beverages ordered visitors every day. in addition, to selling a wide range of coffee alias coffee places also offer a variety of foods, from appetizers, main course, to dessert snacks. Likewise with his drink, although named Kopi-O! But all kinds of drinks there.

Phoenam Café Authentic from Makassar

Kaya Toast and fried

The term coffee tiam was not too long popular among foodies. The term is said to be used to refer to drinking coffee or now perhaps more familiarly known by the coffee shop. Makassar is quite a lot of places are starting to use this term to refer to himself, one of which is Phoenam Café.

Coffee. I love the black liquor since age I have not even allowed sitting in elementary school. This is due, my mama was brewed coffee lovers. So every afternoon I have always approached the mother to come get a mouthful of hot coffee delicious homemade mother’s brother Pik, my beloved nanny.
Two sips of a mouthful, I finally had to get a special small cup of coffee mugs for myself besides the mother is greater. Very delighted. For me since then, coffee has substances that can make my heart happy.

Bangi Kopitiam Combines Coffee Shops and Restaurants

Bangi Kopitiam Jakarta

Culinary business continues to grow. Each time, there are new players enliven the business. In fact, not a few foreign players enliven. Many of them are also aggressively offering franchises or partnerships. One is Bangi Kopitiam Malaysian. Venture established in 2006, officially entered Indonesia in 2011. To this day, there are 34 branches Bangi Kopi Tiam throughout Indonesia.

Among others in Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Bali, Surabaya, Cirebon, Lampung, Medan, and Makassar. “Three of them belong to the branch office,” said Peter Halim, Director Of Franchise Bangi Kopitiam Indonesia.

Bangi Kopitiam is an eating place that combines the concept of coffee shops and restaurants. There are at least 100 menu food and beverages sold in this place. The food menu consists of cuttlefish nasi lemak, chicken reddish white rice, chicken chop rice, and tea mak rice trade. While the drinks there are ice milo, aunty yee white ice coffee, special coffee and chilled.

Cafe Oye: The Most Popular Kopitiam

Interior Cafe Oey

Cafe Oye is a cafe or coffee houses (in Hokkien dialect called ka fe tien), which was pioneered by the culinary Indonesia, Bondan Winarno. Cafe Oey is a play on the name: Bondan Winarno. As if “wi” in front of surnames BOARD is Oey. Shops that had the tagline “strong coffee, the price DJOEDJOER.”

According to Bondan, the concept should indeed small coffee houses, so typical coffeehouse atmosphere remains intimate lost. Oey coffee house does not presume to make a great meal or a full-service restaurant. Because if large, in addition to missing the camaraderie typical coffee shop, Coffee Oey also can not sell at a low price. This concept is maintained until the identity Coffee Oey.

The story about the experience of Trung Nguyen Coffee

Trung Nguyen

The story about the experience of the roads around the city of Saigon yesterday, there was a funny experience. Tonight it was our second day in town. Because all afternoon we were tired of walking down town to check list ittinerary one by one to the places that must be visited during the city tour, before turning to the hotel, we decided to stop by for a coffee shop. This actually stopped by a deliberate because this coffee shop is in the list of our ittinerary hehe .. 🙂
His name is Trung Nguyen Coffee shop. It is said that coffee sold here is topnotch coffee native Vietnam with a special flavor. We were curious to try the coffee flavors taste like anything special. We entered the tavern guests were greeted pleasantly by the waitress. We choose comfortable seating and enough for four. The atmosphere in the shop is quite comfortable. Visitors are not full at that time.