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Homemade Iced Coffee Season 1

Iced Coffee

iced coffee is always refreshing, thirst bidder while giving a sense of cool while we can still enjoy our favorite coffee. But the usual iced coffee we drink will be too monotonous and we need to add flavor to it to give a different touch. Imagine coconut, cinnamon, or mint as originally.

Add different flavors of iced coffee is the fastest way to transform ordinary ice coffee into something unusual alias specials.

Coffee Brewing with Kalita Wave

kalita wave

The previous article I tried to share his story of how tricky brewed using a Hario V60 pour over while it is always fun to play with him. This time I tried to tell brewed the same method with slightly different tools: Kalita Wave.

Coffee appliance this one may be less pronounced when compared with tools such as the coffee pours over Hario V60 or Chemex. If you see a glimpse, actually Kalita Wave-like Hario V60. Kalita Wave did have a similar shape, it’s just made of glass, ceramics, and stainless steel. How to use was approximately the same as the tools pour coffee over the other. Kalita Wave uses filters to filter coffee grounds that the coffee we drink is not pulpy. The unique, shape Kalita Wave filter on this bumpy. so pouring water on the filter needs to pay attention to the wave is so balanced.

Electrolux ECM3200 Coffee Maker – 1. 5L


Greet the Morning Sun with a Cup of Electrolux Coffee Grind, Recognizing the needs of households of each grain of coffee in the morning is required marker Grind & Brew coffee type of ECM 3200. This tool can speed up the serving of coffee in the morning for coffee beans ground immediately at any time. Preprogram the system tool is ready to work whenever needed.

Coffee lovers can set the print density the corresponding number of cups of coffee and the like. You can save time and free to do all the activities in the morning. The advantages of this type of coffee maker have a high ability to work at the same time can grind coffee beans.

Culture Coffee from Yemen

Culture coffee yemen

Since the mid 15th century, coffee has become a habit Yemenis, particularly in the meetings of the Sufis. The first European who sipped coffee Yemen, reportedly the Portuguese sailors who arrive at the Port of Mocha on the Red Sea coast in the 16th century. At that time, the ruler of Mokha welcoming and serving them a black drink that can refresh the body and calm the mind.

Since then, the coffee trade in Yemen continues to grow. To keep the price at that time was quite expensive and avoid spreading, Yemeni coffee traders sell only coffee beans that have been roasted. In 1628, the Dutch began to buy coffee Yemen and distribute to the country, as well as northwest India and Persia. Eighty years later, the Dutch set up factories in Mocha and began exporting coffee on a large scale throughout the world.

How to Make Unique Coffee Tarik Aceh

Coffee Tarik

How to Make Unique Coffee Tarik Aceh – lovers drink coffee would have been friends with coffee attraction. Yes, coffee with a unique dish with the tempting aroma is certainly a beverage known throughout Indonesia. Coffee is a beverage pull with a distinctive taste and is derived from the Indonesian city of Mekkah porch, Aceh.

By presenting different from regular coffee to make coffee tasted pull the fragrant and delicious. Well, for those who often enjoy coffee attractiveness certainly not something unique to talk about but those who have felt the pull of coffee solid would immediately reflect and imagine what coffee does pull and pleasures?