Starbucks Coffee Promotion

starbuck coffee promotion

Starbucks coffee Promotion For Line User January 2016:

Starbucks Indonesia provides Starbucks coffee promotion for special promo price Hazelnut ChocoWafer Cream Frappuccino only IDR 25K from the normal price of IDR 47K on 25-26 January 2016 specifically for LINE. If you do not have an ID LINE please install the application on Android through the play store and Apple via the App Store. then Add Account Starbucks Indonesia then you will receive Starbucks coffee promotion screen like the picture below on page chat Starbucks Indonesia then you will be given a link to the coupon Starbucks coffee promotion. or you can share to friend with a coupon Starbucks coffee promotion which you have and copy paste line chat to your friends. show the coupon Starbucks coffee promotion to the cashier at the nearby Starbucks.

starbucks coffee promotion

Starbucks coffee promotion

This coupon Starbucks coffee promotion is valid only if the coupon doesn’t invalidate button on tap. This coupon Starbucks coffee promotion is valid for one Dulce Choco Cream Frappuccino beverages tall size (12 OZ) and only valid for a single transaction.
and find more promotion here:

Earth Day starbuck coffee promotion

Earth Day Starbucks coffee promotion

Yup, each 22, a Starbucks coffee shop offering a 50% discount if you bring a tumbler or mug Starbucks. This is a form of appreciation for bringing a drink yourself means you have participated in the movement of love of the earth through the action of minimizing the use of disposable cups, which in turn is expected to help reduce the action of the cutting of trees on earth.

Action dear earth can you continue every day due out on 22, you will get a discount of Rp 3,000 if you visit a Starbucks coffee shop and order a drink using its own Starbucks tumbler.

Well if you’ve got Tumblr Starbucks like this or the other, every 22 do not forget to buy Coffee or other beverages in each month Starbuck give a 50% discount for every purchase of a drink any kind and size of any kind. Quite right half price, but … buy coffee / drink should wear Tumblr if for payment can be cash and use Starbucks card.

Today I bought a drink at Starbucks, and it turns out yes I only paid half price, whose name discount would have been so happy, and do not get down the stain: D
I then want to buy the Signature Chocolate Hazelnut but I was offered the new beverage flavor coffee tiramisu, and it was awful !!

Want more….!! coffee tiramisu recommended that really .. !!

Let’s together love the earth, and do not forget to bring tumbler / her own coffee mug.

Tumbler Festival Starbuck Coffee Promotion

Tumbler Festival Starbuck Coffee Promotion

Special event tumbler festival now comes another Starbucks and every purchase of 1 piece tumbler / mug and you will get a free promo 2 50% discount voucher for drinks, this promotion is valid until 31 January 2016, the exclamation brings it bid?

Starbucks Happy Hour, Get Half the price of your favorite beverage with Starbucks Card *. For every purchase of food with a Starbucks Card will receive a 50% discount for a favorite beverage
Promo applies every 15th start pk.15.00-19.00. Terms and Conditions apply.

happy Hour starbuck coffee promotion

happy Hour Starbucks coffee promotion

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