Spacious and Comfortable of Milestone Cafe in Bali

MIlestone Cafe Shop

Monday busy! I was curious about a new coffee shop in the city of Denpasar think I hear again havening. That is Milestone Cafe. Do you know about Azucar Cookies some time ago was also more crowded in social media, today, you can buy and enjoy more variants (not just a cookie) on Azucar Bake Shop, Milestone Cafe, a new coffee shop in town. They have the same owner, and it turns out, he is also the owner of Softlens Japan. You already know about contact lens. Many bloggers use their contact lenses for eye effect and choice of colors.

Arriving at the site, we can see a row of shops were swept right and left the coffee shop. now we are going to go there far right. The building is black even until AC is painted black with a few chairs coffee places on the veranda. View of the first floor when I entered like walking into a room alone. Love the wall art. Sketches absolutely wonderful! Actually completing the urban atmosphere.

MIlestone Coffee Shop

Milestone Coffee Shop

I was greeted by a waiter and to allow us to pick a place on the second floor so that the atmosphere is more spacious and comfortable.

It is the second floor Milestone Cafe, cozy and unique interior. They made walls and the floor looked like unfinished but warm incandescent light bulb and green plants give a warm touch to the rooms themselves felt. I love it. It combines rustic wood and metal furniture with a modern touch, I could really feel the spirit of the young here.

They combine art, music and coffee here, that’s why they left the plain wall only in case if there is an exhibition or something, the wall can be used to show artwork. There is also a music player here who makes the better music experience. And of course, delicious coffee to finish all of it.

I and my friend ko Daniel ordered a drink, of course, order a coffee just for us sleepy journey. I love coffee, especially when it’s cold, drinking in the middle of a hot day like this is perfect !. whereas daniel ko prefers hot coffee.

Next we were given two glasses of water, so perhaps as a welcome drink here. while looking at the menu and see the list of Affogato i want it, ko daniel ordered a hot cappuccino.

Affogato and Cappucinno

Affogato and Cappucinno

after waiting a few minutes our order arrived. Orders Affogato I came with beans in a glass frame and put the ice cream on top. I was wondering how to enjoy it. hehe hehe

The owner, Kenny, describes the concept of a Milestone Cafe and a new cake that they made, ready to be tested. several kinds of cakes and the main menu such as:

Azucar Cookies

MIlestone Azucar Cookies

Carrot Cake and Choux
Yummy carrot cake but the toppings were a bit too sweet and I would be happy if there were more chunk nuts in it.
choux is my favorite! The skin is a little crispy, light cream and I could taste the rum. This is different from other choux I have ever eaten, it’s not like custard, this one is airier. You have to try it!

Choco Brownie, Apple Pie, Chocolate Cake with Brown Sugar
The choco brownies good. It has a nice texture fudgy brownies that I like. It has a rich chocolate flavor that melted in my mouth.
Funny apple pie! It first looked kind of mini pie. Have a slice of apple inside, good taste, not too sweet. crispy skin but a bit too thick for filling the inside is not full.
The chocolate cake has a sweet taste of brown sugar. I love the texture, taste delicious but too sweet for my liking.

Mushroom Chicken Quesadilla

Mushroom Chicken Quesadilla

Mushroom Chicken Quesadilla

It is unique because it usually contains avocado quesadilla, beans as a way of Mexico, but this one is more like the American style Quesadilla. It had eggs, mushrooms and topped with tomato sauce, served with olive oil salad dressing.

Waffle with cheese

Waffle with cheese

Waffle with cheese

I totally forgot the name of this unique dish! I loved it, it was soft and sweet waffles but topped with cheese, peppers, and others that I forgot but it was delicious! Really good as a snack, but I’ve had a full meal this one. It looks small but not tiny taste.

Well, can not wait to try it out?

The Milestone Cafe can be found on maps Sanur check here.

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