Knowing the types of black coffee

espresso black coffee

Black Coffee, now coffee has become a lifestyle. Often we see people passing by, holding a coffee in her hand. I wonder how much of their work to take caffeine every day. Moreover, the proliferation of coffee shops in Indonesia enables us to get a cup of coffee. But, actually, you know not you think that black coffee that is diverse?

Here are some types of black coffee:

1. Americano



As the name suggests, Americano certainly is a black coffee from America. Although at the coffee shop in the United States and surrounding areas certainly provide long menu also black. Although both black coffee, Americano is different with a long black. What distinguishes it is simple that way they are presented.
The composition of only one shot Americano espresso then added to water to it with a ratio of 1: 1. The taste is bitter and aroma strong enough, some people add sugar to taste sweeter, but true coffee fans prefer to drink it without sugar. This is the best coffee we usually encounter in the coffee shop leading up to the coffee shop by the roadside.

How to serve espresso is prepared first and then add hot water afterward. Results Americano usually barely leave Crema on the surface of the cup. That is because the espresso-soaked hot water splitting that existed at the Crema espresso. This is the most obvious difference between Americano and long black. Crema on the surface of the cup is what distinguishes the two types of black coffee.

2. Long Black

long black

long black

A beverage that included into the “black coffee family” consists of hot water and espresso. This drink is served by preparing hot water first and then after that espresso is poured into it. Long black comes from Australia and New Zealand because of the way they are presented must follow its home country, must not the contrary. For a comparison of the ratio of water and espresso usually depends on taste. Some say if using 160 ml of water, preferably using a 30 ml.

But it can all be tailored to the tastes of the audience respectively. A long black is identical to the rest that is on the surface of Crema Coffee. Due to pour hot water on it, Crema espresso which is above the coffee remains intact on the surface of the cup. This causes a long black different from other types of black coffee.
Long Black is actually the same as the Americano, the difference is only in the Americano, espresso is at the bottom, Long Black espresso at the top, therefore, a single shot of espresso poured into a glass of water. Although the only difference between them, it is more concentrated aroma and the Long Black Long Black has froth usually more than Americano.

3. Doppio



Doppio just two shots espresso, not added to the water. It felt very bitter but the effect is strong enough to abstain from drowsiness. For you busy really losing sleep, maybe a cup Doppio can be a solution. Doppio is usually served with sweet pastries to neutralize the bitter taste left on the tongue.

4. Cafe Zorro

caffe zorro

coffee zorro

Cafe Zorro, two shots of espresso (doppio) was added to the water with a ratio of 1: 1. Usually, people who drink Cafe Zorro classified as people who sleep less well, but they have not been able to uprise bitterness of life .. er, I mean the bitterness doppio, so you must drink with a mixture of water, and err … maybe a little sugar … so that their lives become a little too sweet,

5. Espresso Romano

espresso romano

espresso romano

Romano coffee, a shot of espresso added a slice of lemon to add a sour taste in coffee is bitter without added water. Usually served directly in espresso cups. It was quite unique if you’ve never tried it, this is very interesting for the tongue.

6. Coffee Tubruk

A Cup Coffee From Ulee Kareeng

A Cup Coffee Tubruk

Speaking of black coffee is not complete if not a little bit about the coffee brewed. What distinguishes the two types of black coffee with coffee on besides the traditional is certainly the way they are presented. The brewed coffee is black coffee were enjoyed along with the coffee grounds. Therefore, the brewed coffee is usually prepared with a ground coffee can be ground smooth or medium according to taste and then doused with boiling hot water. Some people like to stir and then silence for a minute so the dregs sink to the bottom of the cup. Then after that drunk deliciously warm accompanied with fried plantains.

It turned out that black coffee has quite a lot of variety, for fans of coffee possible variants of the above is quite familiar, but, if you’ve tried everything?

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