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cortado coffee


When talking about Spain, which first arose in our heads is a bull, the matador, and typical dances of the country concerned. Whereas Spain also has a cortado coffee culture that is not less interesting with its cultures other, also the coffee culture of another country. The Spaniards did not quite as stylish as those in Vienna in terms of coffee, and they do not have the coffee community – but they also have a coffee habit attractive. The terms and names that they use for each drink coffee are also different from other countries

Cortado (the word “Cortar” from Spanish, means cutting); also known as the “Tallat” in Catalan, “Ebaki” in Basque, “Pingo” or “Garoto” in Portugal and “noisette” in France; is espresso cut with a little warm milk to reduce the acidity. The ratio of milk to coffee is between 1: 01-1: 02, and the milk is added to the espresso cup filled.

 cortado coffee

cortado coffee Spain

Dias teamed milk but not to have a lot of foam, but many baristas make some micro foam to make latte art. This drink is popular in Spain and Portugal, as well as throughout Latin America, where he had drunk in the afternoon. In Cuba, the drink is known as cortado.

It is usually served in a special glass, often with base metal rings and metal wire handle. There are several variations, including condensate cortado, cafe con leche condensate or Bombon (espresso with condensed milk) and leche y leche (with condensed milk and cream on it).

Brought to the Little Havana neighborhood of Miami, Florida with Cuban-Americans in 1960, the drink is now found throughout the city, and an important part of everyday culture, especially among the Cuban people.

However cortado different from Italian caffè macchiato, espresso is traditionally coupled with a little-frothed milk (less than 1: 1); although in modern American recipes, macchiato often uses different proportions of 01:01 but cortado is mainly in having more foam, which is a small latte.

Cortado should always be presented in 150-200 ml (5-7 fl oz) cups and milk should only be steam; little foam may float to the top, but the essence of the drink should be milk steam.

Cortado is more akin to a frothy cappuccino less than an espresso macchiato. Distinguished from the American variation of cafe au lait, which usually filter-brewed coffee with warm milk, cortado made with espresso and steamed milk.

 cortado coffee

Spain Speciality coffee

Similar beverages in Australia known as piccolo latte cafe, or just piccolo for short. This is a single shot of espresso macchiato in a glass which is then filled with milk steamed in the same way as a cafe latte.

This process produces a drink 90ml, with a ratio of 1: 2 steamed milky coffee, and about 5mm foam on it.

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