History of Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop or Café Coffee Shop or at the moment, maybe that comes to mind is a cozy, refined serving coffee and espresso with chairs to laze while sipping a cup of coffee. Actually, how the history of the beginning of the coffee shop?

Note the early history of public places that serve coffee was in 1475. Kiva Han Coffee Shop is the first name which is located in Constantinople in Turkey (now Istanbul). Coffee is an important product at that time. In Turkey at the time that it is legal for a woman can sue for divorce her husband if her husband was not able to supply enough coffee. Turkish coffee is served very thick, black, and not filtered.

While the idea to add the taste of coffee with cream and sweetener,a trend in Europe around 1529, after the first coffee shop in Europe was established. Vienna been invaded by the Turks, who left sacks of coffee when they lose and then flee from the city. Franz Georg coffee Kolschitzky claimed as booty, and opened a Coffee Shop. Actually, he had lived in Turkey and is the only person who knows the real value of grains of coffee. He got the idea for the coffee filter and refine the taste of coffee drinks with milk and sugar. This drink quickly became very popular, and when Coffee Shop also began selling sweet pastries and other snacks, the more its popularity exploded.


Coffee Shop Bar

Presence of coffee continues to spread, with the first Coffee Shop was opened in mainland Britain in 1652. Despite its popularity continues to grow in Europe, the idea of ​​opening up the Coffee Shop in the UK directly from Turkey. English merchants who to comercial of Turkish goods (including coffee) has two servants who later broke away, to go into their own business. Coffee Shop “The Turk’s Head” was finally born.

Colonial age of Coffee shop

Colonial age of Coffee shop

The Coffee Shop English-lah, the term word “tips” first used the means of gratification. A jar with the inscription “To ensure prompt service” put on the table counter. People inserting coins into the jar for tips can be served quickly.

The Englishman named Coffee Shop their “penny university” (University Duit) because coffee prices are expensive and the amount of time that top class business established here. In fact, a small Coffee Shop run by Edward Lloyd in 1668 is a true example, until now the business is still running as insuransi company Lloyd’s of London.

From Britain, the idea continues to spread in Europe. Italy in 1654 and then Paris in 1672, while Germany established the Coffee Shop, the first in 1673.

When the colonization of America, Coffee Shop quickly spread participate. Rules Coffee Cafe in America together with stores in the UK: the business community gathering place. The Line Tontine Coffee House (1792) in New York is the original location of the New York Stock Exchange, as of the first so many business activities carried on in here.

Until then, Coffee Shop still serves traditional brewed coffee. Then came the espresso. In 1946, Gaggia espresso machine creates a commercial that is much easier and safer to use than the early models. Gaggia Coffee Shop, in Italy, is the first location using an espresso machine and offers in addition to the traditional brewed coffee. Coffee Shop modern era has begun.

coffee shop 1956

coffee shop 1956

Of course, Coffee Shop oldies should not be confused with the Coffee Shop which appeared in recent decades. Which is actually a restaurant that serves a menu heavy meal, in addition to coffee. Tim Horton is a good example of a popular Coffee Shop, which serves a variety of foods in addition to weight, they are popular in many countries for their coffee delights. But, this can not be classified as a Coffee Cafe because they do not provide espresso or other beverage made from espresso.

And also we may not be able to forget what is most popular and has a very wide network other than the Coffee Shop, Starbucks. They opened their first counter in 1971 in Seattle and has now flooding the world at 8,000 locations.

Modern Coffee Shop

Modern Coffee Cafe

However, whether we prefer to hang out at the Coffee Shop, whose network is widespread throughout the world or local Coffee Shop earthy; we have stepped through a long history of coffee every time we visit the Coffee Cafe for a cup of latte.

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