Espresso Romano from Italy

espresso romano

Espresso Romano, Coffee with a slice of lemon? The concept may seem unusual. But the barista in Italy and Spain have long mixing lemon slices in a cup of black coffee. In Italy, a beverage called espresso romano is one of the several variants of espresso. In this coffee is usually a slice of lemon is found. Espresso is presented is also not much, just a single shot.

While in Spain the coffee with lemon presented along with ice cubes. His name cafe del tiempo. There is no certainty of which the habit of putting lemon in a cup of coffee occurred. Some say the practice is carried out when a cafe in Italy during World War II, a shortage of water. Barista cleaning up former espresso coffee with lemon zest.

Another myth says, mixing coffee with lemon is an American innovation. They do it to cover the coffee is less than perfect.

espresso romano Cafe at Italy

espresso romano Cafe at Italy

In lemon oil, rub either to the rim or squeezed at the coffee will reduce the bitterness and less pleasant because the beans are cultivated is less than perfect. Lemon is also thought to increase the sweet taste of coffee stored in the lowest layer of coffee flavor.

Another myth to say, this habit came from the Romans. Until eventually spread to many cafes and restaurants. Remember this, next time you get a cup of coffee from the beans were treated well and a slice of lemon, forget to add lemon. Therefore, the lemon will relieve the plenary already owned coffee.

Recipe Making Espresso Romano Ala Italy – Beverage obtained from the extraction of ground coffee beans with boiling water spray with high pressure is espresso coffee drinks. This is the kind of espresso drink coffee beverages that are served as quickly as the name implies express espresso that has meaning or in Indonesian means fast.

Espresso coffee drinks are not always able to be enjoyed in every coffee shop, only a certain coffee shop that used to serve this Italian espresso coffee. But if you want to try to make it through the creation of home-style kitchen, you can try it out by following the recipe to make espresso coffee serving delicious Italian-style chill like the following.

Recipe Making Espresso Romano Ala Italy

espresso romano

espresso romano

Espresso Romano Recipes

Ingredients Espresso Romano
Cold water 150 ml
2 tsp instant coffee
Granulated sugar 2 tbsp
Ice cubes to taste

How to Make Espresso Romano Steady
The first step to prepare a blender and fill with coffee and cold water, turn on the blender and let it evenly mixed.
Then enter the sugar and ice cubes, blender back until the sugar dissolves, well blended and smooth.
Then pour it into a special cup of coffee and serve.
Done already easy steps of a recipe serves delicious coffee making Espresso Romano Italian-style.

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