Pharisäer Coffee From Germany

Pharisäer from Germany

Pharisäer a unique way of drinking coffee from Germany, Beer drinking culture is not only a certain celebration. However, this drink was already entrenched in a country that was split into two states. There are even some festivals that are specialized in providing quality beers to be enjoyed, including Oktoberfest and Wine Festival.

But, if the Germans do not drink anything other than beer? Certainly not. According to the data, after which they drank beer beverage is coffee. In fact, Germany is the third largest specialty coffee importer of Indonesian coffee and his favorite type of coffee is Luwak coffee. To what extent do the German people consume coffee?

Despite being one of the largest coffee markets in the world that we do not really hear too much about the coffee culture in Germany. As Germany itself can be said to be reluctant to try the new coffee and follow the development of coffee in the world.

Pharisäer from Germany

Drink Pharisäer from Germany

In Germany, you are a little difficult to find specialty coffee, mostly there just to enjoy the cappuccino and latte. Barista there was not as good as in other countries because it seems they do not explore the various ways to make coffee. There may be a professional barista but the numbers are not much for coffee lovers in Germany is not as big as a beer connoisseur.

There is an important figure for the love of German citizens against the coffee is, Melitta Bentz, a lady who often made the food and drinks. From creation to make a drink he tried to make coffee and tried the method of drip coffee. As a result, coffee and methods created by Bentz became famous in his day and today.

Methods of drip coffee became a favorite method in the manufacture of coffee in Germany. Because the method is relatively quick, easy, and produces delicious coffee. Bentz of this idea finally made Coffee Tasting Club. But, because coffee is also considered a tradition for the upper class.

The Germans know how to make a drink to ‘warm’, including coffee. Pharisäer which is their specialty coffee is made by inserting two ounces of rum in it. The coffee is usually put on the type of dark roasted, then mixed with rum and sugar to give it flavor. As a final touch, they then put whipped cream on it.

Pharisäer from Germany

Pharisäer from Germany

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