Kaffeost Coffee with Cheese From Finland


Kaffeost, Finland with an area of 338 424 km2 area, and a population with a population of only 5.5 million souls, Finland is not as big as America, France or Italy. However, the Nordic countries who presume it turns out this is a coffee consuming country per year in the world.

Obviously, if the Finns had a great love of coffee in such a way with each person spending an estimated 12 kg of coffee per year. More than twice the average of other European countries!

Once the importance of coffee in Finland, it will be regarded as an insult if we went to someone’s home but not served a cup of coffee. Coffee is already considered part of hospitality for the people of Finland.

Imagine is not it eat cheese mixed with coffee? If you had lived or stopped in the famous mobile phone producer, Nokia, certainly no stranger to it.

Finland has become commonplace drinking coffee and eating cheese, or vice versa, known as Kaffeost. This custom originally came from northern Finland, in the city of Rovaniemi. Kaffeost can be served with 2 kinds of ways to serve:

First, the presentation in the form of food. Coffee and cheese are mixed, then added goat’s milk or cow’s milk that is boiled until hardened, then baked in the oven.

Second, the presentation in the form of drinks, the dice-sized chunks of cheese put into a cup of black coffee to be enjoyed. And, yum, yum, yum … seems tasty.

Kaffeost Colaborated taste

Kaffeost Colaborated taste

If you want to make it home the following I provide tips on how to make it:


Coffee cheese originally made from the milk warm, straight from a cow or reindeer and used in coffee as a kind of snack. Irresistible for a Northern Swede in general and a Tornedaling (border to Finland) in particular! At least, if they belong to the middle-aged generation with a plus sign …

If you have no barn or reindeer (as the best Coffee Cheese is made from), use whole milk or preferably raw milk…

2 liters of milk
60 ml heavy cream
2 tsp rennet (available at the pharmacy and in some stores)


  1. Pour the milk and cream in a 3-liter saucepan
  2. Heat to lukewarm (37 degrees C)
  3. Lift off the pan and mix in rennet. Let stand for about 30-40 minutes until the liquid has solidified ( curdled itself )
  4. Stir gently with a slotted spoon while you heat up the liquid to lukewarm again.
  5. Steer meanwhile the cheese from the edges toward the center of the pan.
  6. When the cheese is gathered into a ball in the middle heat the whole thing up to the boiling point – but it should not boil! Take the pan off the heat just before the whey boils.
  7. Place the cheese in a fine mesh colander / strainer large / or in a cheese mold if you have one of those.
  8. Press out as much whey as possible out of the cheese. Set a weight and leave for a few hours so the last whey is pressed out and the cheese gets dry.
  9. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees C. Press the cheese into a well-greased casserole dish – cheese should be a maximum of 3 cm thick. Bake the cheese in center of oven until browned. The cheese can also be used without baking but I think it will be tastier to bake it.
  10. If the edges become hard – wrap the warm cheese in aluminum foil afterward so they soften.
    When the cheese has cooled – cut into small cubes or strips, put a pile in the coffee cup and fill the cup with fresh coffee.
  11. Stir and eat with a spoon …. enjoy the taste and the sound.

    Kaffeost Homemade

    Kaffeost Homemade

If there is anything left – package well and freeze down or make a dessert with warm cloudberries or raspberry coulis. The whey may be used as liquid to bake soft bread.

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