The Unique and Best Coffee in Singapore

Coffee in Singapore

Ambiance and unique venue while enjoying a cup of coffee, of course, can add a special experience for those who claim to be true coffee lovers. Therefore, the coffeehouse culture is now used as an art product and presented with a more artistic signature that reflects the owner. If in the near future you are planning on going on holiday to Singapore, Far East, as the owner and operator of hospitality major one in Singapore, share resources option best cafe in Singapore which will be the best way you enjoy a cup of coffee like a native.

In Singapore, the coffee you can enjoy various kinds of places from Kopi O Gau in the tavern traditional Kopitiam up a cup of espresso in a coffee shop or a glass of latte luxury with beautiful decoration on it in a local tavern. Now, the present era when coffee made as a product of art and presented from various parts of the world such as America, Australia, Europe to Singapore.

Trade key: Chye Seng Huat Hardware

Chye Seng Huat Hardware Coffee in Singapore

Chye Seng Huat Hardware

Lavender, once the industrial center of small workshops which has become the home of a couple of cafes. If you ask for a recommendation proper cafe, Chye Seng Huat Hardware to be one that is often mentioned. The cafe is located in a former garage behind -in the name suggests are not just a place to enjoy a cup of coffee. The cafe also provides training private room for the coffee and coffee tasting.

Under the banner of Papa Palheta, quality coffee beans served in CSHH not be doubted. Most in-roasting coffee beans with a medium and light profile. The menu offered is also interesting, in the manual brew single origin there are three options which represent 3 choices thickness coffee taste is light, medium or bold. CSHH also provides a menu of brunch, cake, and variants of drinks other than coffee.

Renny chose Panama Geisha representing light level while I was curious about the coffee, West Java, Tobias Estate for medium level. Panama exclusive Geisha coffee is priced quite expensive – S $ 12 for the infusion, but to my knowledge geisha coffee bean types is indeed remarkable price. I also follow orders tasters Renny, it feels very soft and light, slightly acid and alpha bitter taste, perfect for my taste. While Tobias Estate feels light but more character than the Panama Geisha, with a thicker acid. Create Renny, Tobias Estate was more fitting with his tongue. The finished brewed coffee served in a glass bottle and glass handmade ceramics, plus a bonus of the card contains information about the coffee I ordered.

Being in the same location are Annex, where visitors can buy roasted coffee beans and other equipment. The concept offered Annex is also interesting, because in this place, anyone you will get a qualified explanation of all coffee available on the shelf, including the opportunity to Tastings flavor.

Across the Annex, there is a roasting chamber contains two large machines to be a place where the coffee beans processed to be sold wholesale or retail in the Annex, and must have served at coffee bar CHSS that became my favorite coffee shop in Singapore.

Behind the retro style, Straits Settlement Art Deco lies ahead (equipped with traditional Chinese nameplate), this cafe has the feel of a modern industrial. Besides coffee, there is also a wide selection of delicious snacks and desserts, such as Madeleines Hazelnut Coffee and muffins that are excellent.

150 Tyrwhitt Road
Tel: +65 6396 0609
Hours: 9:00 to 7:00 p.m., Tuesday – Sunday (open until 10 pm on weekends)

Feel the joy of Nostalgia: Colbar Eating House

Colbar Eating House Coffee in Singapore

Colbar Eating House

For a more relaxed atmosphere and calm, step your foot into a small corner of Whitchurch road. Singapore ancient atmosphere can still be felt here, including Colbar charm Eating House, a famous coffee shop that once served the British army military barracks nearby. This coffee shop, famous for serving the military barracks had once British troops.

Besides coffee, other menus that can be ordered is sausage and eggs, roast beef with mushroom sauce, also sandwiches. Coffee made in this cafe is quite unique, because of the way the typical Singapore. Beans roasted coffee with condensed milk. Taste, bitter coffee mixed legit.

A variety of options here, which focused on the interpretation of Asian societies against Western dishes that will attract local residents as well as newcomers. Colbar stands Colonial Bar and serves delicious snacks such as sausage and eggs, Beef Roast with Mushrooms, Sandwich Marmite, Nasi Goreng and Mi fried with sauce Gravy, and covered with coffee made by means of a typical Singapore – coffee beans are roasted with condensed milk.

9A Whitchurch Road
Tel: +65 6779 4859
Hours: 11:00 to 23:00 (Tuesday – Sunday)

Dreams Created With It: Wimbly Lu Chocolate Café

Wimbl -Lu Chocolate Café Coffee in Singapore

Wimbly Lu Chocolate Café

Like the name implies, Wimbly Lu manage some special dessert cafe. Located in a quiet suburb, Wimbly Lu attract visitors to enter: No fashioned furniture colorful, with red brick walls and plates are mismatched but attractive.

Dessert choices are also diverse, ranging from the classic Tiramisu melting on the tongue, Eclairs, Brownies and Lava Cakes, up to the tongue shaker dishes such as Eton Mess and Truffles made himself, also creative dishes such as Root Beer Kit Kat Cake and Brownie. Wimbly Lu also famous for waffles were delicious – crunchy and soft – also a wide selection of tempting ice creams. Savory dishes are also available for those who want a great meal.

A cafe atmosphere makes visitors linger. Wimbly Lu Chocolate Cafe located on Jalan Riang located in the peaceful suburbs. Ancient furniture colorful, with red brick walls and classic tableware, add to the warm atmosphere of the cafe.

15-2, Jalan Riang
Tel: +65 6289 1489
Hours: 1:00 to 23:30 Tuesday – Sunday (9:00 a.m. to 23:00 Saturday and Sunday)

Touch Bata Third from Left to entering: Whale and Cloud

Whale and Cloud Cafe Coffee in Singapore

Whale and Cloud Cafe

Not everyone can find Whale and Cloud. The location was hidden in Niven Road. Visit the Whale and Cloud becomes an adventure in itself. Can be accessed through a blue door striking (proof only be a Harry Potter 48 numbers ¾, a word ‘OPEN’ and a wooden chair) in an alley behind Niven Road in Rochr, visitors can only enter through a door striking blue in a back alley Niven Road, Rochr. There are no bell or bells at the door. Visitors should knock.

Inside is a small and cozy place like entering an apartment. The coffee here has a very good quality which is taken from the owner’s personal journey. There is a wide selection of cakes and biscuits, and before leaving, leave pay they deserve according to you in a box provided, before leaving the best-hidden places in Singapore.

48 Niven Road
Hours: 9:00 to 16:00 (only open on Saturdays)

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