Tasseography The art of fortune-telling with coffee


Tasseography, you know that our fate was not there at the bottom of the coffee we drink? The art of fortune-telling with coffee that actually age already as old as the age of the coffee itself. Turkish coffee and predict it can no longer be separated, especially when at least two people get together and drink coffee together. Even reportedly in China was also from hundreds of years ago already there is a fortune this way. This ritual evolved into Europe in the late 17th century, had become the trend continued in Paris, and from there spread to Austria, Hungary, and Germany.

Unlike the other divination arts, fortune telling with coffee, or better known as tasseography this does not tell us the news or the bad predictions, just give tau were alright so that predicted more spirit to live. Fun and not make you scared of course. But the forecasts do not have to name an unbelievable 100%, let’s just as amusing.

If the incident and it was a good thing, it remains to be thankful. Many people who accuse the art of fortune-telling as an occult practice, but did not involve the supernatural powers know. Let’s not use the terms shaman or something so. If you want to try, just try it – just do not have to make important decisions based on the results of “reading” this coffee yes. His name is also just for fun only.

here’s how fortune-telling with coffee grounds. Prepare a cup of coffee, you should select a low and wide and white color. Do not select the color is black, will be hard to read. Boil water kayak you want coffee. Continuously measuring coffee. Suffice one tablespoon of coffee grounds alone if just for one cup of coffee. Do not use canned coffee or instant coffee, yes, there will not be read later. Instant coffee? May really! After that, pour the coffee into the cup without a filter. Later the coffee powder is also stuck in the bottom of the cup. Want to add sugar and milk are also allowed. Stirred afterward, please.

Anyway, let’s just like regular coffee drinking so. Relaxed, chatting. Let’s not rush. Well, when you’re approaching the bottom of the cup, the new must begin to be careful so that the powder does not swallow. Drink slowly, and if you can just drink all the liquid. After the water is taken until exhausted, turning his cup to the saucer. Do not forget to make a wish when you do this.

The art of fortune-telling with coffee

The art of fortune-telling with coffee

Furthermore, the reader lived affair coffee – can be your own, or someone else. He would translate the image that is formed at the coffee. The trick is similar like if we look into the cloud so. for example, there is a cloud that looks like a bird, like the liver, and so on. It is also so. Usually, this tasseography said an expert, initially he would look in the tree image. This tree symbolizes the relationship he recited the same people who want his own family.

Symbol Coffereading

Symbol Coffereading

Only after that, he read other symbols, for example:
1. Apples: Fertility and creativity.
2. Bread: Hopes and dreams.
3. Bridge: Important decisions to be made.
4. Camera: Again there is a crush.
5. Coins: Want to get a windfall.
6. Diamonds: How anyone applying for marriage.
7. Flowers: Happiness.
8. Heart: Relationships romance.
9. Leaves: The news of old friends.
10. Three-points: Want to get a new friend.

There are still many other symbols that can be interpreted at the expert tasseography. She’s supposed to forecast with this coffee validity period 4 months, and after it expired. In Turkey, almost any coffee shop there is no expert tasseography. Congratulations sip coffee and dreamy future!

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