KL Village Café for low budget foreign tourists

KL Village Café

Stopover place known as the foreign tourists ‘low budget’ in Jalan Jaksa, Jakarta apparently play fosters the establishment of cafes scattered along the road, one of which KL Village Café Kopi Tiam or KL. Keep in mind, the cafe that stood since 2008 initially only served typical Malaysian street food, as Teh Tarik, coffee Pull, Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai and Nasi Biryani.

But along the way, variants of the available menu, even more, diverse. Ranging from toast, chicken porridge, porridge eggs, chicken porridge mushrooms, cap jay mix, kale oyster, kailan anchovies, oxtail soup, chicken soup, seafood soup, rolled blank, rolled egg, rolled bananas, rolled strawberry, rolled salad, and taste Other.

Then there are also nasi lemak eggs, rice fat fried chicken, nasi lemak chicken curry, biryani rice honey chicken, biryani rice grilled, rice biryani cow, mee hun, Shahe fen, tom yam, mackerel, pomfret, spaghetti bologna, chicken steak, lasagna, and many other menus. While the drinks available teh tarik, pull coffee, ginseng coffee, barley, ice blended, fruit juices, and more. For a sense, this tavern offers authentic flavors but adjusted at an affordable price.

KL Village Café Breakfast

KL Village Café Breakfast

Of variants, nasi lemak menu will be the one to try. Nasi lemak rice is more akin to a typical uduk Jakarta, only savory and sweet flavor more pronounced.

The rice is cooked with coconut milk thickened with a mixture of pandan leaves. Lauknya quite complete, the yellow spice chicken rendang, pickled cucumber, sliced onions, and crackers made from cassava.

No more fried noodles tom yam are no less delicious. Noodles with a mix of chicken or beef served with a sweet taste. For fans of spicy flavor can be ordered slices of chili as a complement.

Light food menu was no less delicious. Call it rolled bread which has several variants of the savory, spicy to sweet. Snow rolled tissue, for example. Rolled bread is presented in the form of a cone with a sprinkling of cheese and sugar. The sweet taste of bread rolled snow suitable tissue enjoyed with coffee or tea tensile pull.

KL Village Café Canai Salju

KL Village Café Canai Salju

Prices of food and drink in this village tavern KL Village ranges from IDR 4K – IDR 30K. The shop is open from 8 am until dawn making it suitable as a place for breaking the fast or at dawn.

“The place is cool, like in Bali, many foreigners who come besides the price is not too expensive,” said Adi Nugroho told nutscoffee encountered in Jalan Jaksa, Jakarta, last weekend.

KL Village Café Dinner

KL Village Café Dinner

In addition, the store also provides space inside and outside which is quite complete because it facilitated a hotspot (WiFi), Big Screen Cinema and karaoke. However, for the welcome, visitors should prepare a dime because many singers who would accompany successively eat your meal.

If a loss for which side go to KL Village Cafe, this detail location:

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