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My Kopi O

My Kopi O! is a cafe restaurant originating from Indonesia. Kopitiam concept of modern, My Kopi-O! always offer something new and unique from food, drinks or Interior and Event. My Kopi-O! comes from the desire to combine Western and Asian Style in all aspects, with a design concept that is friendly and dynamic.

Everything is My Favorite. True, all the menus in My Kopi-O! a favorite for our customers. Almost all kinds of food and beverages ordered visitors every day. in addition, to selling a wide range of coffee alias coffee places also offer a variety of foods, from appetizers, main course, to dessert snacks. Likewise with his drink, although named Kopi-O! But all kinds of drinks there.

My Kopi O Yakiniku & Blackforest Ice

My Kopi O Yakiniku & Blackforest Ice

My Kopi O! Robusta and Arabica coffee using a local raw material to popularize the natural result of Indonesian coffee is actually superior to coffee production overseas. A restaurant that was established four years ago, this process itself all the ingredients of coffee. In his hometown, Surabaya, Kopi-O! selling coffee from coffee beans that are still up to that already in powder form. Kopi-O using their own machine to make coffee powder.

When in December last year there was a slot at Ratu Indah Mall which is in the cover label “My Coffee O ” along the plywood surrounding it I immediately stripped” Yeah, another place to have coffee “. And the situation continues to look until then completely open at the beginning of March. Crazy, long time of its preparation. Longer than a coffee next to the equally “post banner” opening soon it.

Anyway, Monday afternoon I and a friend decided to gorgeous coffee at that place. According to a twitter Cappuccinonya in the realm of good. I am actually less sure because when I asked him about the coffee places in the same location instead he had never tried Cappuccinonya. In fact, I think artificial Barista Cappuccino national champions, unprecedented, at least in Makassar.

My Kopi O ‘… Ooooh Look It So I go to the My Coffee O ‘. One thing that immediately attract attention is the design concept of the Open Kitchen. Beautiful. Designed with white makes the place so impressed spacious and homey. I sit in a non-smoking table and the waiter came over to me looks like a security guard. He handed two menus the size of the paper. One for the other menu Food and Beverage menu. In some of the name of the food / drink visible icon thumb and chili image.

According to the waiter, that means a menu of options and level of spiciness cooking. What’s interesting about this menu is on the rear no information can be photographed with setting My Coffee O ‘. Seeing the interior design it should really be used for Pre-Wedding photo or something. Back to the menu, the My Coffee O ‘provides a menu ranging from as descendants of Malay Cuisine, such as Japan to Western. Select has select this was our last lunch menu

As a lover of Cappuccino, I can say is the addition of particular Cappuccino flavor will only spoil the taste. Almond better mixes in the material rather than in a coffee cake. For those who like coffee-coffee sachet yes so-so try Cappuccino here.

Lightweight tend sweet. No need to add sugar. FYI based in Robusta Coffee Lampung. While Caesar the salad is pretty good although a bit difficult Onion flavor lost from the tongue. This had been eating better prepare sweets or mouthwash.

A second option is Yakiniku Noodle which was also not too special although it also can not be said to be not good. Probably because it was already disappointed with his own cooking Cappuccino and Ice Coffee Blackforest was also eventually be granted.

My Kopi O Cappuccino with Almond

My Kopi O Cappuccino with Almond

Sure in the range between 20K menu’s to the 40K’s. But do not forget there are tax and service it. Four had spent money Rp.154K menu’s. Expensive for the size of mediocre taste. With that price, I could have coffee in SBUX or in Black Canyon Coffee with a better taste of Coffee

It depends on. To date, it is the right place because there is romantic side as well. If you hang out with various people whose purpose is not just coffee but also a heavy meal, it also may make the choice because the menu ranging from appetizer to dessert. But for me, it’s just maybe just once I want to visit again unless there is a treat 🙂

However, there is a price for every comfort. But about coffee, probably many other places. Please see for yourself.

Menu Mainstay:
1. Beef Rendang Nasi Lemak
2. Pull the Nanyang Coffee
3. Srikaya Butter Toast
4. Spaghetti Mamak
5. Roasted Hainanese Chicken Rice
6. Korean Fried Chicken Wing

– Surabaya Town Square
– Grand City
– Ciputra World

Poor :
– Mall MX Malang

Jl. Sisingamangaraja No. 75

– Living World
– Cilandak Town Square (Citos)

– Ratu Indah Mall
– Trans Studio Mall

– The Park Mall Solo

– Mall Shop Rajawali Village

– Town Suite Bali
– I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport Gate 4 F05 (Domestic Departures Terminal)

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