Phoenam Café Authentic from Makassar

Kaya Toast and fried

The term coffee tiam was not too long popular among foodies. The term is said to be used to refer to drinking coffee or now perhaps more familiarly known by the coffee shop. Makassar is quite a lot of places are starting to use this term to refer to himself, one of which is Phoenam Café.

Coffee. I love the black liquor since age I have not even allowed sitting in elementary school. This is due, my mama was brewed coffee lovers. So every afternoon I have always approached the mother to come get a mouthful of hot coffee delicious homemade mother’s brother Pik, my beloved nanny.
Two sips of a mouthful, I finally had to get a special small cup of coffee mugs for myself besides the mother is greater. Very delighted. For me since then, coffee has substances that can make my heart happy.

Phoenam Café

Barista Traditional Coffee brewed

Barista Traditional Coffee brewed

I love the coffee, made me quite happy (not the addict) to taste coffee from tavern to tavern. And I always fall in love with the presentation Traditional Coffee brewed. One is coffee at Phoenam Café.

Coffee Shop that I visited, located on Jl. Wahid Hasyim, Central Jakarta. But its presence not only in Jakarta but scattered as many as 12 branches in Surabaya, Manado, Mamuju, Palopo, Palu and its own in Makassar. In total, there are 12 outlets of which are managed solely by the Big Family. The first shop was established in 1946 in Makassar.

One of the reasons I call on offer wholeheartedly, because my experience in Phoenam Café. Wahid Hasyim who managed Mr. Hendra Leo or commonly called Koh Afu also never hesitate to make their own copies of customer orders and come join to hang out with customers with natural. The clientele was diverse, ranging from the laity to the ministerial level and even former Vice President Jusuf Kalla.

But unique, if we had dared to enter the tavern, then we must also be willing to abandon automatic self status. There’s no longer the case, “Who are you”. Because it is so entered, familial aura so thick and you simply “A penikmati Coffee” and not anyone whom. Fun. Occasional sound of laughter in the right corner and suddenly the man from the bench to the left stand up and follow-chipped and laughed along with a crowd in the right corner laughing earlier.

Traditional Coffee brewed

Traditional Coffee brewed

Then abruptly, when one of the guys from the hordes of other dibangku standing and sitting and reading a newspaper with a serious friends puff of smoke, no one was offended. Even when he was with as they pleased again chipped, is a natural cycle in this shop. Cycles that bring together all the people of tireless become friends.

Greatness Phoenam name is certainly not free of taste and quality. What’s it like? Let’s continue to read this article.

Taste and quality of coffee Phoenam

Phoenam Café is a coffee shop that provides genuine Toraja Pure. A coffee that has a strong body or heavier than Java or Bali coffee coffee I’ve ever tasting. Hm, that does not mean calling strong Toraja coffee better coffee than the other, for good according to some coffee lovers is different. Even sometimes depends also with the atmosphere.

But for me, another hallmark of Toraja coffee is has a distinctive aroma man that no other coffee (coffee Java soft and sweet or flavored fresh Bali). Aroma man I mean the soil aroma that reminds me of a man who likes doing activities or advanture. Toraja coffee, have a sour taste level lower and prominent bitter but not too long attached. After drinking Toraja coffee was fresh effect noticeably faster when drinking coffee from Java or Bali that effect is slowly but surely.

In Phoenam Café itself, Toraja coffee robusta and arabica in blend into one. Where from Toraja, coffee comes in a new state of roasted beans and milled in the shops, and then presented to the customer by fax filtering techniques are repeated. A brewing technique that is done for generations since 1946 in Phoenam Shop.

A variety of coffee here, certainly not only the original black coffee but also coffee attraction called coffee milk Phoenam. Hm … the pull and the combination of the size of the coffee and milk are fitted, also made me fall in love with this coffee.

Kaya Toast and fried, loyal friend Coffee

Kaya Toast and fried

Kaya Toast and fried Look

Enjoy coffee, while eating the most delicious bread. Hm … the most special bread here is Bread Rich or people familiar with the name Kaya Toast. This is the toast given in addition to the rich. Sweet savory jam made from coconut milk, sugar, and eggs. It feels so good. Sweet bread mixed with black coffee Toraja Original.

Besides toast rich flavor also exist many kinds of toast in a dry roasted without margarine. But if you want, there is also toast baked with butter. Taste? Hm … recommendation to try.

Not only toast, and there are a variety of flavors to grilled banana fried bread. The fry bread is a dish that is quite addictive. Suitable eaten along with Milk Coffee Phoenam sweet. Fry bread is bread soaked in 3 seeds chicken eggs whipped with a little sprinkling of pepper. Taste? Once with a savory chicken flavor that is not fishy. This is the proof of quality is everything in Phoenam, eggs used really chicken eggs.
Hm … by serving coffee and toast, this tavern mean be a fitting place to hang out. Moreover, the shop is open from 6 am to 12 midnight. Come, let’s hang out here.

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