Cafe Oye: The Most Popular Kopitiam

Interior Cafe Oey

Cafe Oye is a cafe or coffee houses (in Hokkien dialect called ka fe tien), which was pioneered by the culinary Indonesia, Bondan Winarno. Cafe Oey is a play on the name: Bondan Winarno. As if “wi” in front of surnames BOARD is Oey. Shops that had the tagline “strong coffee, the price DJOEDJOER.”

According to Bondan, the concept should indeed small coffee houses, so typical coffeehouse atmosphere remains intimate lost. Oey coffee house does not presume to make a great meal or a full-service restaurant. Because if large, in addition to missing the camaraderie typical coffee shop, Coffee Oey also can not sell at a low price. This concept is maintained until the identity Coffee Oey.

Coffee shop started as a small coffee shop at the corner Sabang and now has more than 40 branches throughout Indonesia, where around 15 Coffee Oey own property. According to General Manager Coffee Oey, Specializing Gunarto, a traditional culinary trend towards urban and behavior of the chit-chat while coffee is cafe Oey growth driver. In addition Oey coffee concept cool to chat over coffee and a menu that different point of differentiation in this shop.

Menu Cafe Oey

Menu Cafe Oey

Since the beginning, Specializing falling-up help Mr. Bondan pioneering and enlarge Cafe Oey to be like now. Creating a signature menu, build room ambiance, attracting culinary freaks to come, develop branches, choosing a franchise business partner, to select the location of the restaurant in many cities requires knowledge, experience, and a unique business flair. Many sweet and bitter experiences he went through and from there the lessons accumulated outstanding culinary business.

Once inside, you are greeted ornament Coffee Oey well in the past. The walls were plastered with ads in the past, very old furniture, even light antique lamp.

Anything that can be eaten at the Coffee Oey? Do not be surprised to see the names of the menu at this place. All spelling has not been completed, alias again spell of the past.

Sate Ajam Tjilatjap
The satay chicken with herbs that are absorbed into the flesh. Marinade made from beans, finely ground favors. You can enjoy it with or without vanilla, adjust to your taste.

Tjap Depot Gomeh
Enjoy delicious cake soaked in coconut milk and pieces of boiled eggs, as well as additional cleaning tempeh and chicken meat. Do not forget, there is also the added shrimp crackers taste of cake Tjap Gomeh.

Soto tangkar
Here it is, the chewy beef cheek meat with spices like coconut milk soup. An enjoyable with warm white rice. Soto Betawi very tasteful! Add the chili and citrus, fresh

And, of the many menus that, I just ordered … Coffee Milk Indotjina. Cafe Oey specialties with cheap price! : D

My message to the ice, because the weather is warm enough.

Indotjina Milk Coffee appearance when first coming

Indotjina Milk Coffee appearance when first coming

Not long after, the order comes. A glass cup of hot coffee with liquid milk which still remains in effect covered with small plates, covered with a small container of metal, and another glass containing small chunks of ice.

GU-E-BI-tung! Not sure how to enjoy it Indotjina Coffee Milk.

By origin, I lift the cover glass containers mainly small, then I put on the table. A waiter then rushes over to me.

Indotjina Coffee Milk that has been stirred

Indotjina Coffee Milk that has been stirred

“Sorry, man. After all, this is not the coffee. ”

He hurriedly picked up a small container that I put on the table, and … why! Black liquid that soaks leaves the table. Small containers were then returned to the main glass.

So apparently, brethren, it is a sort of small container screening. The filtered coffee powder will fall into the main glass. Let all the coffee into the main glass, the coffee is ready to be enjoyed.

Duh .. Understandably so, man. Children of the village.

Once all the coffee in a small container runs out, I gently stir until coffee turns brown.

Slurp … I sip carefully. It feels good, but if the words of my friend, better yet, if the milk is slightly reduced. More authentic!

For a snack, try Cassava Sambal Goreng with Roa. Cassava tasty too! Dipped in sauces … uh, enjoy incomparably. The price is not expensive anyway, and suitable to be enjoyed together at cafe oye.

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