Lelet Lasem Coffee from East Java

Batik at cigarette

Last holiday there two college friends who visit my home in Lasem. Initially they just wanted to go for a walk, visit some tourist attractions in Lasem, like lasem coffee. The morning I take them to the beach to see the sea view of a row of cypress trees combined with friendly waves characteristic of the Java Sea. Actually we are targeting sunrise, but what power we oversleep.

On the way to the beach one friend looks serious attention to a temple which has a wood carving classic colorful front. We then go to the front of the temple and met a caretaker of the temple to ask for permission to enter into the temple. Not only we are also allowed to enter the temple caretaker was accompanied earlier and explained a few things about the temple.

Temples we visited called Cu An Kiong, built around the 16th century and is said to be the oldest temple in Lasem. Inside are carvings is quite detailed with antique color that is not too bright. We also saw a row of paintings on ceramics. According to temple officials ink imported directly from China. Lasem arguably has a lot of cultural heritage. Relics of the Chinese nation as a temple is one of them. There are well-preserved and restored several times, some are only a story because eroded by modernization.

Satisfied to see the contents of the temple along with the story we also excused himself. We thank the committee for the temple and its hospitality toward the main destination is the beach. Nyeletuk in my beach, “beach ki wis mainstream, anti-mainstream sing want ono rack patch temple?”. My friend told me that the beach are all too common and ask no unusual and unique places like the temple before or not. We rushed home and immediately clean himself and breakfast. Rather the afternoon we went to one of the typical coffee shop lelet Lasem. On the way I explain a little that they have to taste the lasem coffee.

Lasem coffee taste like coffee flavors typical pedasaan, concentrated and the remaining old bitterness on the tongue. There is a pleasure in itself enjoying lasem coffee in hot conditions. The trick, hot coffee poured into a saucer and drink until you hear the sound of “sruuuuttt”.

In coffeehouses in the city it may be embarrassing, but in a coffee shop Lasem it was a pleasure. So when the opportunity to visit or pass through the city Lasem, try to make time to enjoy a cup of hot coffee is typical Lasem. Lasem community usually come to the coffee shop to unwind and gather with friends for a chat. Coffee in Lasem not depend on time, morning, noon, and evening coffee shops in Lasem are always a lot of visitors. From this was born the custom of hanging culture called the locals “ngelelet”

We arrived at the shop and I immediately ordered three cups of coffee. Orders come and show dimulai.Aku asking them to immediately spend some lasem coffee, then pour the dregs of lasem coffee in a saucer. They watched me take a tissue and put above the coffee grounds earlier. I explain it serves to reduce the water content. Then add a little milk to thicken as well as an adhesive when affixed to cigarettes. Stirred batter to taste and be slow.

Ready-made dough is then used as a paint for painting. You do this by using toothpicks dipped in batter, then drawn in cigarette paper by sharing motifs and patterns. There also are using the sewing thread to create a thin layer of coffee. All the processes already show you my two friends and began to give it a try. Yes, his name was studying there must be a failure. I laughed when one of my friends tried ngelelet in cigarette but then his cigarette break.

Dough turns out too thin so too wet tobacco cigarettes in it and cause fractures. But after trying again they seemed satisfied with their new experience. Because I am not a smoker, I asked my two friends tried smoking cigarettes leletan its results and asking kometarnya. Both my comment at that cigarettes leletan has a different taste, there is the aroma of lasem coffee and a little heavy when inhaled. “Mantep pokoke”, they added.

There is one key thing from this ngelelet culture, the coffee beans are very tender. Fried coffee beans can usually be rolled up 5-6 times. Because the coffee powder like flour this is the coffee dregs can be used to ngelelet. Ngelelet culture typical Lasem now spread because many people who founded the original Lasem coffee shop business in other areas. Who would have thought a habit of gathering in the coffee shop makes the city does not even have a garden famous for its coffee culture lasem coffee.

melet lasem coffee

melet lasem coffee art

Lasem able to combine coffee shops and coffee habits gathered into a culture that is unique and very rare that slow coffee. It is true, a little thing that is not considered often save a surprise. Some people call this slow coffee culture as mbatik or batik. This may be due to activity on cigarettes ngelelet supposing someone batik fabric.

Certainly something to do also with Lasem, because it is known as a center of batik Lasem he wrote that later became the inspiration when ngelelet.

In Lasem, a coffee shop as well as a place to create art event. Ngelelet very distinctive art later became the city’s identity Lasem. Although now found in many other areas, coffee lelet pristine at Lasem.

Batik lasem coffee at cigarette

Batik lasem coffee at cigarette

Coffee is up, my two friends were already satisfied to learn ngelelet and enjoy leletan own cigarettes. We then rushed home, after paying of course. Both my friend was surprised by the price when compared to the coffee shop in the area where the college. Very cheap for a cup of coffee and ngelelet valuable experience.

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