Coffee Bags: A new way to enjoy coffee from Indonesia

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Starting from a concern, Moh. Irham (27) to think about how the presentation of an innovative coffee bags. These young people get the fact that the coffee in the coffee producing regions including the target of foreign countries. As well as Japan and Korea, foreign countries always ask for coffee with the best quality.

Kelir mountain, is where coffee cultivation in Ambarawa famous in Java, even his name has menasional. This achievement is proven by the success Gapoktan Coffee Farmers Mountain National Kelir get the third prize for the National Coffee Competition in 2009. Of course this achievement even more attractive international coffee producers to get it.

Behind the target of foreign manufacturers, Irham concerned that in fact farmers still sell raw coffee to intermediaries. It means that from an economic standpoint farmers only get the order quantity. While the for the sale of coffee, farmers do not get the price of quality. In addition it’s ironic, when the community of coffee lovers in Indonesia in fact did not get the best coffee. Because the best coffees actually exported abroad. More concern for Irham, copies of the “return” to Indonesia with exorbitant prices. It was not fair.

Coffee bags Product
Moving on from this, Irham intrigued to add value to this berkualita coffee. He believes that there are opportunities to work on coffee Mount Kelir at “home” itself. With the hope to empower the regional economy’s original coffee. Irham also wants itself as a manufacturer purchase directly without intermediaries, the coffee growers.

On hindsight, Irham get inspired to find ways to process pure coffee to be enjoyed without processing involving chemicals. He took aim roughness coffee grains that have been milled. Usually the true coffee connoisseur, chose to get pure coffee flavor by treating coffee beans that have been roasted to a special machine milled or ground traditionally. Coffee extract obtained by cooking back grains of coffee that has been milled. Irham found that coffee extract can be obtained for perfectly even in a coffee grinder that is not too smooth. Because the grinding is too fine, the coffee extract will be mixed with the waste can even be swallowed.

However, the presentation directly with grains of coffee grinder rugged enough menggaggu if they are not filtered. This is where the initial idea to pack coffee Irham processed with a paper filter bags, as in tea. To maintain maximum results, Irham not want to play half, he chose dye filter paper import best quality and certified.
It was unexpected, apparently using filter paper dye is precisely Irham get a double advantage; besides getting the desired coffee extract, manner of presentation has become a standard dose. Please note that by standardizing the dose will make Coffee Bags Saitama standards distinctive flavor.

Coffee bags Inovation

Coffee bags Inovation

So practical, Irham desire to obtain pure coffee with processing “minimalist” without the aid of chemicals materialized. Irham even dare to claim that coffee buatanya including herbal products.
Because this product is relatively innovative, then educate coffee drinkers become a chore in itself. Coffee lovers are already familiar with instant coffee or instant certainly need to look at the way the presentation of Coffee Bags. Because of this coffee without dyes and flavorings, the preparatory process is very important to get a taste of the original.

Then Irham suggest presentation as follows:
Take the bag Coffee Bags in aluminum foil and place it into the cup, then add sugar to taste. Prepare a teaspoon, scoop it would be a major tool processing Coffee Bags in your cup. Then pour boiling water (100 ° C), you should boil water for cooking, instead of the dispenser. Pour in a cup or glass of 100 s / d 150 ml.
After pouring boiling water, penetrate repeatedly Coffee Bags bag with a teaspoon. Submersible pressure on the coffee bags will be issued saris of pure coffee from the bag. Do it up when you take a coffee in a teaspoon of water, already blackened and it looks very soft grains of coffee extract. The more often you hit the coffee bags purity increasingly felt the taste of coffee. And of course to explore Mount Kelir robusta coffee flavor, you do not need to lift bags of coffee Bags of your cup or glass. This process for coffee lovers into a very unique experience.

Muhammad Ircham also produce dyed coffee with coffee brand Bags Saitama. According to him, the coffee dye chosen because despite making many consumers convenient, permanent dye delicious coffee flavor. “Moreover, this coffee is cleaner because without pulp,” he said.
Even though recently started producing coffee bags at the beginning of this year, the man from Semarang has been able to sell up to 10,000 boxes of coffee bags. One coffee box dye it contains five sachets of coffee weighing 5.5 grams each.

If the price of a box of dye coffee is around Rp 4,500 to Rp 6,000, a month Ircham can earn up to Rp 45 million. He had already sent a celupnya coffee products to various cities in Indonesia, such as Pekalongan, Yogyakarta, Salatiga, Banjarmasin, Pekanbaru to Batam.

Coffee bags Machine

Coffee bags Machine

Only, this dye coffee packs to be imported from China. “Product of the country no one has a good quality,” said Ircham. Understandably, he used coffee bag which has a completely smooth fiber. As a result, the screening process to be perfect. In the processing, it is also strongly in maintaining cleanliness.

Because not many players, Ircham very optimistic with this business. In fact, he claimed to have someone from Europe and America who are interested in cooperating cooperation to develop their business. According Ircham, the foreign investors were interested in the quality of Indonesian coffee beans and coffee presentation innovation.
Uniqueness Coffee Bags from starting the process of acquiring, processing and serving of coffee into a strong value for Irham to bring coffee Dipping into the contest Shell LiveWIRE, a young entrepreneur competition. Irham hope that Indonesia continues to be the host for coffee lovers, and continues to be a place to get a drink the best coffee in the world.

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