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Whatever they say, we will not want to stop drinking coffee every day, right? Only did we have to be more careful in choosing the coffee. Yes real coffee, not coffee mixed with flavors “fake” and a high calorie is certainly not good for the health. It does not copy yes, but the beverage with the taste of coffee. Hehe …

Many people who do not want to buy organic coffee because of the price, but if the count is calculated again, the price is not much different from hell same non-organic coffee per cup. But what is it the reason why there are some people who insist should drink organic coffee? Not for the style or dissimulation, but there are many reasons.

Some of the reasons why organic coffee is worth your choose:

Organic Coffee Gayo

Organic Coffee Gayo

Healthier. Because organic coffee produced from coffee plantations that do not use traditional pesticides and herbicides, the organic coffee beans do not contain chemicals that are harmful to the body. Some experts have proven that coffee beans from coffee trees were treated with the use of herbicides and pesticides in fact contain chemical substances contained in pesticides and herbicides. Some of these substances also are substances that are harmful to the body if accumulated in large numbers.

More Delicious. Organic coffee farmers should always pay attention to soil conditions, fertilization and the health of the coffee trees if they want to get a bountiful harvest. All this hard work resulted prosuksi coffee beans with good quality and proven to produce coffee with the aroma and taste more delicious than non-organic coffee. Non-organic coffee flavor usually becomes less palatable because it is affected by chemicals from pesticides and herbicides. Try to feel the Gourmet Coffee which is usually made with organic coffee beans with coffee powder packaging is mostly derived from non-organic farm and you will immediately feel the difference.

Protecting the environment. Nature we are now experiencing the ravages of our own doing. Organic coffee cultivation system that takes into account soil fertility is clearly better and will help the preservation of the natural surroundings. Protecting the environment also means that we will be able to keep the best coffee flavor. Look coffee Luwak Indonesia are produced by organic farming, thanks to the natural balance is maintained Luwak can live quietly in the coffee plantations and produce Luwak coffee which for some people is a coffee best in the world and has been recognized as one of the Gourmet Coffee in the world.

Improve the economy of coffee farmers. Coffee growers in the mountains, especially those that supply coffee beans to firms famous coffee powder manufacturers typically sell their coffee beans at a cheap price. To maintain the amount of production and their advantages for survival usually these farmers eventually choose to use pesticides and herbicides. This can be prevented by planting an organic pattern. Although the amount of production is lower than the pattern of non-organic coffee growing but the price of organic coffee beans on the market is higher because of its quality and arganya existing standards. So farmers can get a reasonable profit from the harvest. If we buy organic coffee beans then indirectly we help farmers get fair-trade coffee for their products and boost the economy of the farmers.

Organic Coffee Bali

Organic Coffee Bali

If you want coffee with the best quality and most delicious taste of coffee even though choose Luwak coffee comes from organic coffee beans. Besides useful for yourself your decision will also be a positive influence to the environment and others. So, if you’re a coffee lover willing to pay more for organic coffee sip sake of better health as well, then slowly organic coffee growing practices will be considered more important. You so help heal others by removing harmful pesticide exposure of coffee farmers that you know.

Come on, in this new year we try to be more concerned with yourself and others!

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