The story about the experience of Trung Nguyen Coffee

Trung Nguyen

The story about the experience of the roads around the city of Saigon yesterday, there was a funny experience. Tonight it was our second day in town. Because all afternoon we were tired of walking down town to check list ittinerary one by one to the places that must be visited during the city tour, before turning to the hotel, we decided to stop by for a coffee shop. This actually stopped by a deliberate because this coffee shop is in the list of our ittinerary hehe .. 🙂
His name is Trung Nguyen Coffee shop. It is said that coffee sold here is topnotch coffee native Vietnam with a special flavor. We were curious to try the coffee flavors taste like anything special. We entered the tavern guests were greeted pleasantly by the waitress. We choose comfortable seating and enough for four. The atmosphere in the shop is quite comfortable. Visitors are not full at that time.

Trung Nguyen Coffee

Trung Nguyen Coffee Shop

Originally we were not a fan of coffee, so do not know what the proper types of coffee to choose from. After receiving and reading the menu, still confused to select any menu. Tried to ask the waiter, was less successful. Because what we say is not fully understood, it’s known the language barrier. The menu is written in two languages, Vietnamese and English. Coffee distinguished by level, there are numbers 1 to 5. The higher the level, the more expensive. If added milk, more expensive again. After trying to figure out a description of each menu option, finally we chose 4 different menus. 2 pure coffee without milk and ice, 1 coffee puree made of ice and 1 disposable coffee milk and ice.

Trung Nguyen Coffee

Trung Nguyen Coffee Serve

Presentation of coffee in this unique shop. First served is 4 glasses of iced water for the four of us, only then followed to order our coffee. Each saucer containing coffee cup on top of existing mini coffee filters made of aluminum, together with a small spoon for stirring. So coffee drunk is drip filtered coffee grounds in the aluminum cup. If the aluminum filter which closes the cup is lifted, then the coffee in the cup visible water volume is only half the size of the volume of the cup. We’re starting to get confused, this means drinking what? Does drinking coffee dose is indeed only half a cup of this? Then why every time we are given a glass of ice water? We tried to taste the flavor of coffee with a spoon, oops! bitter! coffee really. We feel ndeso, looking at each mark and eventually each other laugh at our ignorance hahahaha … -D
Running out of ideas, finally gave up and asked a waiter man. “Can you show us how to drink this coffee, please? ..”
No answer but understand our confusion, a manservant into action. Lifting the aluminum filter cup, stirring coffee, then pour it into a glass containing ice cubes filled. Aaaahh, ice coffee milk for us to understand. And what about our message without iced coffee?
We asked again, “There is no sugar for this coffee? “.
manservant replied, “It’s no more need of sugar Because it’s sweet enough already ..”. Heyy! This bitter really know, sir .. we need sugar please .. Seeing our faces were still confused, spontaneous waiter tasting coffee one of us and his face had agreed, yes your coffee does not sugared. waiters kept away disappeared briefly and returned with four sachet of powdered sugar and a glass of liquid sugar in mini mug. there is hope coffee would taste better after sugared.

Trung Nguyen Coffee

Black Trung Nguyen Coffee

Incidentally, I select coffee menu level 5 without ice and without milk. Drip coffee in my cup is very strong and very bitter indeed. Two sachets of sugar was not enough to brighten a bitter taste. Jokingly, I gave a new term when the coffee is suitably named herbal bitterness coffee puyang because just like the taste of herbs chilli puyang hehehe .. -D If the disposable coffee ice it’s still passable. Especially when coupled milk, more delicious. Just realized the benefits of a glass of ice water given to each person. Our expectation, it serves to reduce the bitter taste of coffee due to the highly viscous. Mba waiter also proved always ready to refill each glass of ice water that has run out. The higher the level of coffee was also comparable with the level of consistency of coffee. And I spent 3 glasses of ice water to reduce the bitter taste of coffee level 5 special. Oh! Trung Nguyen Coffee! This Memorable

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