Coffee milk from southern India


Coffee milk from southern India is made of black coffee and roasted chicory plants were cooked in a metal container with two round cups. Coffee already ground is compacted and then fermented, producing a stronger product than “drip coffee” Western. To be able to enjoy it, you have to add one dose of milk with a dose of coffee that has been fermented and then spiked with sugar.

Unique coffee that only in this country! Delicious coffee once it feels the presentation of some countries above. For you, coffee lovers and hobby streets would not hurt to try the coffee enjoyment. This unique delicious coffee and very tempting.

Kaapi or Kumbakonam degree coffee, coffee filters Mylapore or Madras caapi. Outside India, the term “filter coffee” can refer to ‘drink the drip’ (drip brew).

Cafe Kaapi

Cafe Kaapi

Ways of making caapi arguably quite modern. To make it, they use a filter coffee (filter coffee) made from stainless steel, similar to the dripper from Vietnam. When you are getting “coffee extract”, then prepare milk powder is heated and added to Chicory, wild plants in India which have blue flowers, brewed coffee tasted like chocolate and slightly spicy.

In addition to using traditional raw materials, caapi also has different presentation techniques, namely by way of mutual poured coffee and milk from two different places, which is a form of glass, which is only shaped like a saucer, but the shape is thicker. Through this casting process to form distinctiveness caapi with thick milk froth. Casting process at two places like Coffee Pull typical Aceh.

Coffee is something of a cultural icon in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh particularly coastal regions of Andhra, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Already as a culture to offer a cup of coffee to every guest or visitor.

According to legend, coffee was introduced in India in the 16th century by a Sufi Muslim named Baba Budan. He discovered the pleasure of drinking coffee while praying to Mecca. Then he brought home some coffee beans to India. Indian filter coffee is very popular in the southern part is very slow brewed using a special filter and served in metal cups. This coffee tastes very strong and usually served with milk and sugar. Until the middle of the 20th century, in the presentation of coffee, do not use sugar, but use jaggery or honey in coffee brewing.

Kaapi of India

Kaapi of India

Drinking coffee has become a tradition and lifestyle of people around the world. But to create an international coffee festival, new tastes India did.

The event this year takes place the fourth time it was held in New Delhi, the Capital of India. The editorial is India International Coffee Festival. You are a fan, or even become addicted to coffee, can find various types of coffee, following the presentation of diverse ways. Ranging from the traditional to the most modern. Of instant coffee, to coffee Espresso most expensive, all in the coffee festival.

Coffee milk of Mumbai

Coffee of Mumbai

The objective of the annual event the first time the first was held in Bangalore, India, is primary to provide knowledge and insight as well as education for entrepreneurs and traders coffee milk. As well as provide workshops how to process, roasting, espresso, to serve the techniques given by instructors from Australia.

For young children, there is a separate event to attract their interest, such as Cafe Coffee milk Day, Barista, and others. So that the event can embrace various circles. No wonder why India organizes the festival, because according to the data, the savory flavored beverage consumption in India reached 100,000 tons in 2009. In fact, 80% of the country’s coffee production has been exported to many countries. truly extraordinary.

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