The Green Coffee from Tulungagung

Green Coffee

One interesting thing about green coffee is the different names it has throughout the process. Ranging from plants to be a cup of coffee you can enjoy today. Starting from “cherry” (or also called “berry”) is still in the tree. Then end up being a coffee can you drink as “Espresso”, “Cappuccino”, and others.

Coffee being through the process of harvesting and roasting commonly referred to as “Coffee Green” or green coffee beans. Coffee fruit is usually harvested when ripe and already look reddish. Coffee beans in a fruit called coffee beans and must be separated from the pulp, dried and then sorted for further processing.

The Green Coffee

The Green Coffee

Once the beans are dried up, the beans will issue a greenish tint. From this name of “green coffee beans” or green coffee beans came from. At this stage, coffee beans have no aroma or flavor characteristics. The aroma and flavor will appear after passing through the roasting process. Green coffee beans or green beans are the most widely traded commodity in the world along with crude oil and gold.

Coffee is usually synonymous with black. But, in the area of Tulungagung, Black Coffee there overshadowed by Ijo or Coffee Green. In fact, in the City of Marble, there are about nearly 3,000’s more coffee shops selling coffee Ijo and almost never empty. Both men, women, young and old, all residents of Tulungagung consider ways of presenting Coffee Ijo as a tradition that needs to be maintained and preserved.

Tulung Agung Green Coffee

Tulung Agung Green Coffee

Ijo coffee has a taste and texture different from other coffee. That is very smooth. When presented, Coffee Ijo will look greenish color when poured into a saucer. The secret, not the other mixture or a mixture of dyes. But in the process of drying the coffee beans.

From coffee beans that have been selected, dried roasted. Is different from the usual way of processing, Ijo Coffee roasted with firewood elected and clay pans. This process should be done with the patient. Namely to maintain the size of the flame to remain stable, so that the beans cooked evenly and perfectly. Then, from the traditional processing methods, the coffee will be milled by machine.

Ijo coffee is somewhat famous in his hometown of Tulungagung. We can find it in many coffee shops ranging from roadside cafes to large. The price is quite cheap. That is only $ 1 course per glass.

Mak is Waris, one Ijo coffee makers and vendors are quite famous in Tulungagung. Coffee Ijo manner of presentation is usually to be served like coffee Tobruk. Ijo coffee powder which is milled, mixed with sugar and brewed with hot water.

Tulung Agung Green Coffee

Tulung Agung Green Coffee Product

In addition to selling coffee Ijo manner of presentation by means of steeping, Mak Waris was also sold coffee powder Ijo we can take it as a souvenir. One pack Coffee Ijo weighing 0.5 kg valued USD 25 while the 6-ounce priced USD $ 6 per wrapper. So, please take home and enjoy with friends or family.

Knowing the dangers of fat deposits in the body, of course, we should be able to keep the body in order not to have excess fat deposits. It is recommended for us to adopt a healthy lifestyle with not much to consume fatty foods, high cholesterol, junk food and a definite must diligently exercise.

But if you already have a lot of fat deposits in your body does not need worry kahwatir, there are many ways to burn fat fast so long as you are willing to seriously do it. The best way to burn fat is to exercise. But if you do not have much time to exercise, you do not need to worry, we will provide an alternative way to burn fat fast is by using green coffee.

Fastest Way Burn Fat With Green Coffee

Tulung Agung Green Coffee Vs Black Coffee

Tulung Agung Green Coffee Vs Black Coffee

If during this time that we know is a just tea that has the type of green tea, coffee turned out to also have the kind of green coffee. Green coffee can even burn fat faster than other fat-burning beverage.

Probably many who do not know about green coffee. Green coffee comes from coffee beans that have not been processed like coffee in general. The regular coffee we consume is through the process of roasting coffee so black color, but not with the green coffee, because it does not pass through the green coffee roasting process.

Green coffee enriched with 5-caffeoylquinic acid that can increase the body’s metabolism and burning fat faster than other healthy beverages. Therefore, if you consume green coffee to your routine will quickly burn fat in the body quickly.

Burn Fat With Green Coffee

Burn Fat With Green Coffee

In addition, to the benefits of burning fat fast, coffee green also contains antioxidants that can improve Susak cells caused by free radicals, as well as reducing fat absorption and glucose cause diabetes.

So how to quickly burn fat with green coffee. Coffee Green is a beverage magic to burn fat fast. Hopefully the above information useful. Thank you.

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