Coffee Pinogu From Gorontalo

Coffee Pinogu

Coffee Pinogu an enclave area districts that are within the Park area Nani Wartabone (TNBNW). Districts which exceeds the extent of the city of Gorontalo believed to be the area Tiyombu or ancestral people of Gorontalo.

Position pinogu districts actually not too far away, which is about 30 kilometers from the village Tulabulo, District Suwawa East, which is the only entrance to Pinogu. There are three roads that can be taken to the village. namely through the air by helicopter, ride motorcycles with a cost of 500 thousand rupiah each way, or by foot by way menusuri foot of the mountain. Travelling to pinogu itself takes from 8-10 hours on foot, through the forest, the river and the road muddy and ready bitten by leeches during the trip.
Coffee Pinogu
Pinogu coffee is a blend of robusta coffee and coffee Liberia and grown since 1875, and is a favorite coffee at the time of Queen Wilhelmina.
Pinogu coffee is one that is managed organic coffee that has never been touched by chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, and other chemical fertilizers.

Their pride can enjoy a blend of Arabica coffee from Liberika in the city of Yogyakarta on ivent cupping sessions were held by wikikopi. Through this ivent pinogu, wikikopi introduced coffee to coffee lovers dijogja. Pinogu coffee beans that have been diroasting milled and served without sugar with a variety of methods to explore further the taste of coffee pinogu.

Coffee Pinogu

Coffee Pinogu Mix

Coffee Pinogu Tubtuk
The aroma of corn and corn blend flavors, chocolate, nuts, and citrus produced by pinogu coffee can cure my longing to Gorontalo in overseas.

However, he said it was not comparable to what obtained by farmers. -beat Convoluted market mechanism makes farmers hardship.

Coffee Pinogu

Coffee Pinogu

Because the farmers have to “buy” Pinogu coffee logo that looks more like a license, to unscrupulous employees of the department of agriculture Bone Bolango who claim to be the sole distributor.

“It is said, persons because he distributes coffee pinogu with the name of a person,” said Nurdin.

He said basic price offered at the distributor’s farmers ranges between 15-25K, respectively for 100 and 200-gram packs. But farmers receive even less than that. Only from 9000 to 19.500 rupiah. The reason, price clipped logo costs.

In fact, after the sale of shops and supermarkets in Gorontalo, Pinogu coffee prices reached 17-30 thousand rupiah. Nurdin said that up to now there are 4,000 coffee sachet packaging owned by farmers who had not paid.

Because it is also, according to many farmers prefer to sell raw coffee beans at a price of 23 thousand per kilogram, paid in cash.
Nurdin worry, if the fair market mechanism for farmers is not available, most farmers would turn into gold miners as it once was. Pinogu was adjacent to the traditional gold mining sites.

“A gold mine does not always produce, in addition, many believe if the proceeds of the mine are” hot “, quickly run out unnoticed, we painstakingly persuade citizens to continue growing coffee, that is no longer mine and damage the environment, but if the situation continues In this way, we can not do anything, “he explained.

Currently, there were 225 hectares of Robusta coffee plantation in Pinogu. Residents are also being cultivated coffee Liberia.

Separately, Regent Bone Bolango, Hamiem Pou, said Pinogu it is not easy given the access road that is difficult to reach. Previously, the government has built a concrete path along three kilometers. This year, there will be an additional road with a budget of one billion.

Related to the market mechanism, he says while it is still controlled by the local government, on the pretext of avoiding product piracy. But he did not want to comment on the action of an individual employee who control distribution Pinogu coffee.


Video about the trip to pinogu and village atmosphere Pinogu

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