Homemade Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew is suitable for living in tropical countries like Indonesia, especially in big cities are hot, sipping cold drinks can certainly be ‘paradise’ of its own to eliminate hunger. Not to be outdone, cold coffee is also increasingly being sought after by fans. There are two ways of presenting cold coffee that is currently popular coffee shop in the country, and a Cold Brew Iced Coffee. For those who do not know what Cold Brew, Coffee Roving previously been discussed here. Because of its unique flavor when served cold coffee, both fans of Cold Brew Iced Coffee and many who later became rabid and considered one type of cold coffee beverage is better than the other. But, is it so?

Cold coffee was first discovered by Toddy Coffee. The legend says, Toddy does not find a method that is common in the coffee brewing process in 1964 ago. He was inspired by his experience ordering a cup of coffee at a cafe that serves coffee in Guatemala in concentrate form and served cold temperature along with a pot of hot water at his side. His mother who can not drink coffee because like stomach problems turned out not experience any problems after drinking coffee in the cafe. From there Toddy then creates an internationally brewed method called cold brew.

sparkling sunkist iced brew coffee

sparkling Sunkist iced brew coffee

Cold Brew has certain advantages not shared by other types of coffee drinks. Cold Brew will produce a sweeter drink. Cold water is used to process the coffee beans will change the chemical profile of coffee beans and produce a sweeter taste, so you do not need to add sugar or other flavorings. Cold Brew technique can produce coffee beverages low in acidity. This makes Cold Brew tend to be safer for the coffee fans who have the stomach and gastric diseases. However, the processing of coffee beans with a high temperature is said to cause pleasure of drinking coffee is better because the aromatic compound owned by the coffee beans can not dissolve in cold water. Processing with hot water also can be made of floral elements in coffee is ‘out’, when compared with the processing of Cold Brew.

Now this method of growing cold brew and ways of brewing with similar methods also are emerging. Listed below are some of the tools of other makers were also not conventional.

manual brew methods

manual brew methods

Actually, the basic concept is to mix cold brew cold water or room temperature water with coarsely ground coffee powder, then allowed to stand for 12 hours and then filtered. The coffee concentrate obtained can be served as a hot or cold beverage. So it’s still a maximum, keep the coffee concentrate in a sealed glass container in the refrigerator and consume in less than two weeks.

Well, if how to make cold coffee at home how well? Let’s refer to the following tips from Daddy.


1. The containers / bottles of 1 liter of syrup
2. Scales
3. Funnel
4. Tool coffee grinder (grinder)
5. Sieve cloth
6. Refrigerator


1. Coffee beans
2. Mineral water

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

How to make

1. Milled coffee beans (rough enough, does not need too fine) of approximately 70 grams. See an example of the rough mill on the left in the image below.

size coffee grinder

size coffee grinder

2. Insert the coffee grounds into the container / bottle using a funnel.

3. Pour cold water or room temperature water as much as 500 grams. Commonly used ratio is 1: 7 (1 gram of coffee to 7 grams of water), but you could change the ratio according to taste. This ratio will affect the concentration of coffee. The more water than coffee, the result will be more dilute his steep.

4. Close the container tightly.

5. Keep a container of steeping coffee in the refrigerator for approximately 12 hours

cold brew coffee

cold brew coffee

Additional tips!

1. You can also add water or milk with a ratio of 1: 3 (1/4 part for coffee concentrate and 3/4 parts water or milk). This ratio is not absolute, so again you could change the ratio according to taste.

2. In order for a maximum brew results, select fresh coffee (about age 2 weeks after the roasting, or read more here for more details) and grind the coffee just before brewing. Remember well, his mill a rough texture wrote, do not need to be too fine. Additionally, select the coffee to taste sour (acidity) is high, such as coffee from Toraja or Bali. Better not wear coffee with low acid taste due to the results of steeping the coffee with cold brew method itself has fallen dramatically acid taste.

3. Cold coffee has a smooth taste and rich flavor because of cold brew method is a method of ‘soft’ are not forcing the coffee to extraction with hot air or water pressure. But because of the softness of this method as well, do not expect to find the typical aroma of brewed coffee that’s interesting.

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