How To Use Bellman CX25 Coffee Maker


Bellman CX25 May already sounds familiar in the ears if you are a coffee lover, must already know with the assorted coffee maker. But, how do you think about this one tool? a tool that is more or less similar to Moka pot and the system works the same as in the heat over the ordinary or electric stove and instantly make milk steam.

Bellman CX-25 is enameled espresso and steam milk with manual systems. Only by entering the coffee grounds into the filter basket and filled with water, and heated with a stove, the tool is ready to produce espresso coffee machine withdrawal with or without electricity. In addition to producing espresso, Bellman also is used to steaming or frothing milk. With material made of stainless steel make this tool easy to clean.

CX 25 info

CX 25 info

In the use steamer equipment (both on a professional espresso machine or manually steamer like Bellman), the crust on the surface of the machine is exposed to water is a problem that most often occurs (except for some water in containers that have often proved to be a little crusty or even free crust for mineral content at a certain level).
Here is some information for descaling tips on channel steamer.

Of the various tips, mixture to eliminate the crust, good rice crust, charred on the pot or pan and the crust because of the boiling water, have specific tips for problems caused crust cooking water.

For the crust in the pan or on the reef because the boiling water, mix ever tested is to use materials citron (can be added with a little vinegar to improve concentrates). To 1 liter of water, with a rate of 2 tablespoons of lemon (and can be added to water vinegar).

Bellman CX 25 Part

Bellman CX 25 Part

Then boiled as usual mix + Air + citron vinegar, that, in conditions of steamer drain valve is left open. Perform approximately 2 times until water vapor steam flow is back to normal. Then when you’re done, do not forget to wash and dry the pan steam, in order to eliminate the scent of vinegar or lemon mixture odor that had been used earlier.

It’s good, we need to pay attention to the flow of steam that we use, if ever there were indications or symptoms of clogged, very well if we cleaned out, for the easier cleaning process.

To prevent the crust again can be used mineral water is nice, sorry not intend promo or black campaign :), without mentioning the brand, but said friends barista, bottled water product that is the gallons of water recommended its white-clear ( not the yellow-blue), with a combination of logo-article-writing orange color black.

Use Bellman CX25 make hot coffee

Use Bellman CX 25 make hot coffee

Values over bellman cx 25 itself is able to make foam with steam and make coffee as Moka pot coffee maker mini, but it has a special design.

Use Bellman CX 25 make milk foam

Use Bellman CX 25 make milk foam

Bellman CX25 can produce espresso, black coffee, cappuccino, latte, hot chocolate etc. This coffee is ideal tool to create a professional coffee at home, office or traveling brought

Bellman International Inc. is a special manufacturing equipment maker coffee and cookware from Taiwan.
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