How To Make Turkish Coffee Maker


The Turkish people are first introduced to the habit of drinking coffee is when at the time of the Ottoman dynasty around five centuries ago or around the 1500s. At that time the governor of Yemen-whose territory is part of the power of the Ottoman Empire (Ottoman) – bring seeds, including Arabica coffee beans to the city of Istanbul. Since then the tradition of drinking coffee became part of the customs officials at the palace of the sultan and his people well.

Shortly after coffee was introduced to the Ottomans in 1543, coffee became so popular so quickly with the opening of coffee shops and small stores that specialize in selling roasted coffee beans (roasted coffee) called “this” and to this day there is a road called Jalan Tahmis in Istanbul’s Eminonu area.

Ritual Coffee in Turkey can be seen from three things, namely how to make coffee and coffee made when presenting the event as well as reading the coffee grounds to predict (fortune telling). First, the way of making Turkish coffee is made with special ways, although at this time the Turks prefer practical ways of making coffee. But there are also still retain making drinks coffee with traditional ways. Practical steps making coffee at this time is to use a heater and an electric coffee grinder. Unlike the old way is still practiced using traditional tools such as the coffee container (called Cezve or Ibrik), tool grinder manual (called Degirmen), a cup of coffee (called Fincan) and embers for brewing coffee where the coffee container will continue to be placed on the embers that keep the coffee warm.

Traditional Turkish Coffee Maker

Traditional Turkish Coffee Maker

Beverage maker of traditional Turkish coffee

Second, regular coffee Presentation made at the time of application or proposal the event, where the prospective bride’s family will serve coffee in various ways. The bride will bring coffee drinks on trays (trays). Where in this event the woman has the right to vote in answering the proposal. Unique enough to answer, for example, presents a bunch of coffee with a sweet taste, taste bitter (unsweetened) and saltiness. The coffee flavors have to mean. Sweet and bitter meaning that the proposal is accepted it means the proposal is not accepted. Whether for saltiness, I still have not received an answer from the existing literature.

Third, a ground coffee powder can also be used to predict those who believe. The track data to see the rest of the coffee grounds from cups or glasses we drink. Coffee before you run out it will be a little leftover coffee and the waste water which is then poured slowly in a circle on the table horizontally and will form a certain pattern. Then an expert read the dregs of the coffee powder will read the pattern and explain about your future. And he will also give advice in to take the right decision on problems encountered.

Fincan (cups) for drink Turkish coffee

Enjoy Turkish coffee is usually accompanied by sweet snacks customary in the past. The example of candied fruit snacks known as sherbet, Turkish delight or called Lokum, pasta sultan (Sinatra mixture of honey and 40 herbs), and halva (sweet cake made of chocolate and wijien plus peanut or almond), or other confectionery.

Furthermore, I will practice how to make Turkish Coffee in a practical way

where I work, I found a new way of making coffee, namely Turkish Coffee. Turkish Coffee is a method of preparing coffee is brewed using cezve (a kind of small pots). Her coffee powder and should be smooth and straight-laced with sugar when brewing.

Alright. Immediately wrote ya, check it out! : D

1. Prepare the coffee, sugar, espresso cup and saucer her, teaspoon and cezve.

Turkish Coffee Maker

Turkish Coffee Maker

2. Fill cezve with hot water 3/4.

Turkish Coffee Maker

Put in Water to Turkish Coffee Maker

3. Fill the coffee cezve with 2 teaspoons.

Put in Cofffee to Turkish Coffee Maker

Put in Coffee to Turkish Coffee Maker

4. Put the sugar to order. Normal: 3 sachets of white sugar. Medium: 2 sachets of white sugar. Pure: without sugar. Stir until the sugar melts.

stirring coffee to Turkish Coffee Maker

Stirring Coffee to Turkish Coffee Maker

5. Heat in the oven until it begins to boil. When it begins to boil, remove from heat and preheat again. Do it about 3 times. Where I work, the company uses electric stove hand too hot to the touch. So be careful. When observed, cezve has a handle of plastic in order to avoid the heat to the hand.



7. Pour the coffee at once, do not hesitate. Usually, when slowly be scattered in the cezve coffee and cup. So we have to replace them with new ones. Tired of! : D

Pouring Coffee

Pouring Coffee

8. Coffee is ready to be enjoyed while hot. And survived late nights. Hi hi … | Coffee is suitable for Ramadan so many worships at night. | Demitasse coffee is served in cups without a spoon. Because sugar is mixed when the process earlier.

Ready to Serve

Ready to Serve

It should be remembered. Turkish Coffee is a method. Not the kind of coffee. I thought the coffee could be anything. Grounding its origin must be fitted.

We wish to add insight and good luck when the appliance is no, mah. Hehehe
And congratulations stay up, man.

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