How To Select Original Luwak Coffee

Luwak Coffee Original

Who does not know the coffee, even a father / mother / brother / etc ya never drank, because wherever and whenever the coffee is always not far away from humans. True coffee lovers know exactly will the taste and aroma of coffee are often drunk and can distinguish between a coffee with other coffee. Speaking of coffee, the trend is currently up to his name Luwak Coffee is famous for “The Most Expensive Coffee In The World”, so many that sell counterfeit Luwak coffee market because based research Luwak coffee production capacity is only 30% of the offer so it can be concluded that 70% of them are false or Luwak coffee mixture. The price is almost the same, so as to deceive the buyer and the victims are those of us who sell real Luwak coffee. Try asking the manufacturer or seller of Luwak coffee with the question “Are you real Luwak coffee?” The answer must be “Yes, we Luwak coffee original, certified and high quality”. This is a general answer that is often thrown. Does this answer can convince you to buy their products? Then what is the difference with the original Luwak coffee Luwak coffee fake increasingly spreads to reap the benefits? This question will be more difficult to answer if we do not understand about the Luwak coffee. From experience, I will answer ranging from the most basic, namely; Differences in physical form.

Medium Roast of luwak coffee

Medium Roast of Luwak coffee

Actually, to be able to believe in real Luwak coffee you should first real Luwak coffee drink, you never drink Luwak coffee original? How does it feel? as if it had never been entirely original Luwak coffee rather difficult to distinguish between what is genuine and what is fake. But don’t worry, this time, nuts coffee will share a few tips to distinguish the characteristics of Luwak coffee genuine and fake Luwak coffee. Here are some tips from my Luwak coffee for coffee lovers in order to determine the original Luwak coffee by specific characteristics, namely: 1 1. CRUDE COFFEE (GREEN BEAN)

Green Bean Luwak Coffee

Green Bean Luwak Coffee

The most appropriate way to distinguish the original Luwak coffee is through his raw seeds or Green bean Luwak coffee. There are some traits that seem real Luwak coffee from his green bean, here are some tips to distinguish it: Ø Green bean native Luwak coffee is fragrant, usually fragrant pandan (if eaten by civet pandan, not civet months). That there must be a difference of smell. You can compare it with non-regular green coffee bean civet. If we try to kiss more carefully, the original green bean Luwak coffee will be tasted smells like leather and a bit stinky (not too pronounced). Ø If we compare the physical form, the original green bean Luwak coffee in the surface of the seeds will be left cuticle stick, not as clean as green coffee bean ordinary on civet. Ø Normally trenches surface / parts of the coffee bean are larger than the usual green bean on Luwak coffee, and there is usually a lag husk fiber in parts of the middle / trench from the original green bean Luwak coffee. Ø Green bean native Luwak coffee has a uniform color. Ø Try to enter your green bean Luwak coffee into the water, if it sinks, then certainly it is the original green bean Luwak coffee. Ø Green bean native Luwak coffee has a shape that is clean and without defects. There is no hole / hole, there are no odd shapes or colors around it. If there is a green bean is broken, does not mean it’s fake, but it can happen when its grain-solving process that is too loud so that the tip of green bean becomes broken or cracked.

Cuticle layer on civet coffee

Cuticle layer on Luwak coffee

2. COFFEE POWDER / fax Ø AROMA ORIGINAL LUWAK COFFEE Aroma Kopi Luwak is very strong and different from other coffee, let alone regular coffee purchased in the market or shop. When the hot water together with the coffee aroma will directly out of the original Luwak coffee. We think this one tip can be performed by coffee lovers who had never completely original Luwak coffee drink. The most powerful aroma and pungent Luwak coffee arabica are probably why the figure is where civet coffee was very expensive, because of the smell alone are too expensive Kopi Luwak moreover that in fact only selling original Luwak coffee than Arabica.

Luwak Coffee Powder

Luwak Coffee Powder

Ø TASTE COFFEE LUWAK stuck on THROAT Tips to 2 this might be a little difficult for coffee lovers who have never felt the real Luwak coffee. Luwak coffee flavor that stays in the throat or stuck within a certain time about 30 minutes (for frequent native Luwak coffee) is possible for those not used to the taste will be sticky to 1 hour.

Ø FOAM COFFEE LUWAK After the Luwak coffee is poured into the cup then stir until evenly, it is up to your taste you want to use sugar or not, but the important thing to note is focused on BUSA Luwak coffee. Remember the original Luwak coffee will issue a foam when agitated because every beans (green beans phase) epidermis does not peel off until the coffee bean grinding phase (roasting) Nah rest of the epidermis that blend with coffee beans in the mill that is causing the foam or a kind of Luwak coffee cream on the original.

foam at the time of Original Luwak coffee in brewed

foam at the time of Luwak coffee in brewed

From 50% Luwak coffee products which we found really pure, only a small percentage that actually looks cultivate coffee the right way. Coffee processing what I mean here is the roasting process (roasting) and grinding coffee. Before the Luwak coffee is ready to be roasted (roast), the beans were still soiled must be washed and cleaned repeatedly least 7 times with running water until the coffee is really clean, followed by a drying process, the parchment skin breakdown (sleep / hulling) and ends with the sorting process using either a machine or manually. The process of roasting (roasted) coffee is one of the most important processes in order to produce the taste and aroma of Luwak coffee at its optimum. In general, the master roaster (expert coffee roaster) did experiment a few times to find the right profile for each coffee sample so that the coffee character can occur optimally. Some are happy with light roast (roasted until brown color only) and there is also happy with the dark roast (roasted until dark brown and oily). The most important thing of this process is how to make roast / roast coffee so that the results obtained are always consistent and of high quality.

wild civet coffee and livestock

wild civet coffee and livestock

Equally important is the grinding process, each serving coffee require different levels of fineness, for example, to espresso coffee must be finely ground once, and for the French press / plunger should be coarsely ground coffee, and there is a fundamental reason why the coffee should be ground as it was , Milling tool used is equally important, I heard many stories in the field where the coffee is ground using a blender, it is less I can recommend to other people because, smoothness and flatness of the coffee was very influential in the extraction process to produce the maximum taste and aroma. So the conclusion is not easy to produce the Luwak coffee is really good quality and it takes patience and understanding from all parties concerned.

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