The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

I like to spend time relaxing in a Coffee Bean while drinking frappucino, eating cake or sandwich, and play my i-pad. If you traveled to Indonesia, especially Jakarta or Bali, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has opened stores in several places. one of which I’ll review the following.

At that time, the mall that I visited was Senayan City. We were there during the afternoon. After a long walk, we want to relax in one of the cafes. Our attention was drawn to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in the middle of the area on the ground floor.

My second message 2 kinds of foods and beverages, namely:

English Breakfast – Salmon Scrambled
This package breakfast (apparently the afternoon they sold ya) whose content is a pair of round bread such as bread burger, with bacon burger kind of contents and an omelet with salmon chunks. One bread accidentally divided into two parts and placed beside the plate. In addition, there is a small container containing dried fruit, then butter, strawberry jam, and chili sauce. This sandwich awful, I like! Bread was somewhat crisp. I eat with butter as well. If dried fruit I less liked, hehe .. This package includes 1 cup of tea.
Price = Rp 59 091, – before tax

Tiramisu Cake
Definitely, almost all know tiramisu cake right? Layered cake with tiramisu flavor. The Coffee Bean is also a tiramisu cake. The bottom is the chocolate cake, then topped tiramisu is creamy, and the top is brown. Tiramisu cake typical of Coffee Bean, the edges (the cake) there is a kind of biscuit that is compiled into a kind of fence that surrounds the cake. It feels good, especially for fans of the cake as I There is a sense of tiramisu, chocolate. The bite is mixed between soft tiramisu with surrounding biscuit cake dryness.
Price = Rp 26 818, – before tax

Tiramisu Cake

Tiramisu Cake

Green Tea Frappuccino
It’s her favorite drink! Do blend green tea with ice cubes and milk. As a result, green tea ice blended drinks are sweet and there was the aroma of green tea. This time, I had a message without whipped cream. Hmmm, I love it!
Price = Rp 47 273, – before tax

The Coffee Bean

The Coffee Bean

Hot Cappucino
This is my husband’s order. Hot cappuccino served in a cup rather large. Top there is foam. If it is less sweet, we can add more sugar to taste our tablets.
Price = Rp 27 727, – before tax

At that time, there was a promo Mega credit card with a discount of 35%. Eh, barista say responsibility, better buy up to Rp 200,000, – in order to get a discount of 50%. Hmm, after thinking about it. But others take away orders, such as advice barista. Finally, I message 3 kinds of cookies:
Choco Chip Muffin = USD 22 273, –
Banana muffins = USD 22 273, –
Brownies = USD 22 273, –
(All prices before tax)

Hot Cappucino

English Breakfast – Salmon Scrambled, Tiramisu Cake, Green Tea Frappucino, Hot Cappucino

Finally, our total purchases after the discount of 50% are $ 125 249, -. Pretty well does the discount, although eventually we buy food excessive Well, quite satisfied this time also still relaxing, at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Here I will tell you a little about the history and what is interesting from The Coffee Bean. Hem we start from history.

The Coffee Bean was first established in 1962 is a company engaged in the specialty coffee & Tea oldest and largest in the United States. The Coffee Bean is known as a leader in product innovation as well as a lover of coffee drinks “The Original Ice Blended. With over 40 years of experience in the coffee industry, The Coffee Bean has a very famous reputation for being the best quality coffee.

In addition, to coffee, The Coffee Bean also regaled serving breakfast, the menu options available are Break ‘O’ Day, Salmon Scramble, Egg’s bean, Food for Thought, Tasty Toast Treat, Scrumptious Scone Set, and muffins Medley. The price for the breakfast menu Coffe Bean between Rp. 23,000, – to Rp. 36,000, – including Free refill of coffee or tea. For holders of bank cards Mega, The Coffee Bean provides Promo rebate of 30% for all food and beverages.

The breakfast menu mainstay Coffe Bean is worth a try is the break ‘O’ Day is serving panini bread, scrambled eggs, chicken sausages, and comes with butter, jam and a sprinkling of parsley. salmon scramble which is also a mainstay of The Coffee Bean menu consists of focaccia Bread served with Smoked Salmon Scramble Eggs and equipped with Caesar Dressing, Butter and a sprinkling of parsley. The second menu is also equipped with a side dish such as Stewed Fruit (mango, apricot, and plum).

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf International Born & Brewed in California in 1963

In 1963 Herbert B. Hyman from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf ®. Dedication to seek and serve the best coffee and tea in the world making gourmet coffee founding the father in California.

Now, more than 40 years of The Coffee Bean has grown to become one of the largest privately owned, family-run coffee and tea in the world. Along the way, (Bean), as it is known, has become a model for a successful coffee and tea company.

Since 1963, we continue to look for loose tea earth for only the best and most rare and premium coffee. Today we are proud to offer more than 22 kinds of coffee and 20 kinds of tea. Over the years, we have worked hard to build relationships with individual farms and plantations so that we can be assured of the best coffee and tea are available to harvest. Our coffee is roasted fresh daily in small batches in a European-style roasted manually, then packed using state of the art for delivery in our own roasting facility and delivered fresh daily to our stores.


coffee bean thai tea latte ice blended

The Coffee Bean

The Coffee Bean came in Indonesia since 2001. It is managed by PT. TRANS coffee, Transcorp member company since 2006. Indonesian conglomerate Transcorp Company is the largest in the rapid growth and success in various consumer sectors such as media, entertainment, fashion, retail, food and beverage.

Start with 9 outlets in Jakarta and Surabaya, now PT. TRANS Coffee develop business with new outlets open and until December 2011 already has 56 outlets in Jakarta, Tangerang, Bandung, Surabaya, Makassar, and Bali.

With the best coffee and tea, The Coffee Bean Indonesia serving customers in a professional and friendly service. To be a leader in the food and beverage industry in Indonesia is the purpose of the PT. TRANS coffee.

Fresh Roasted

The Coffee Bean Company Roasts to order, to ensure you receive the freshest possible coffee. Please note – All Delivery will take 8-10 days processing time, if not sooner.

Bean Coffee Company is committed to bringing customers coffee and related products that reflect our core principles: Great Taste, Quality, and Health. From selecting the raw product, through the steps of roasting and processing, Bean will use only the best materials, suppliers, processes, talent, and creativity, and will always remain the conscience of our character, and our responsibility to our customers, employees, partnerships global, family, and the environment. We first will measure every decision against our company values: Honesty, Service, and Adil (Dealing). By coupling our core company values with the principles of our products, The Bean Coffee Company will serve customers, partners, employees, and friends with consistently good product and a culture distinguished by the character.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Our History:

Established in 2007, The Bean Coffee Company belongs to a family and business-oriented began his journey at the farmers market in Southern California before expanding into Marin County and beyond. Very positive response encouraged the founders to expand to community events, markets, and local eateries. Enjoying exponential growth at the beginning of 2008. (Bean) with the acquisition of our roasting facility in Southern California, has combined 28 years of experience baking with our innovative commitment to Great Taste, Quality, and Health.

Excess The Coffee Bean

· Services in the coffee bean is quite nice and friendly. Menyajiakan service in order our food menu is also quite fast.
· The price list is available.
· Getting Price Cuts (Discount) if you have Mega card, can avail a discount of 30% or, Mega Visa can instead of 50%.

You lack The Coffee Bean

· The menu is served in the coffee bean is the fairly varied menu, there is a menu variant of various kinds of coffee, and also, in addition, their beverages booster food menu as well, and there is also a cake. Ga cake too many choices and displayed in the display window. Portions are large because a cake shortcake. Then it feels normal, taste and aroma tiramisu a finger lady also here it feels so more ordinary biscuits. Okay, lah for a cake, but for the size of tiramisu cake less okay.
· Signal Provider Mobile for certain very ugly ..! so yesterday to temen2 communication so difficult.
· Discount / Promotion can only be done by showing the Mega Bank Card and Visa Bank Mega.

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