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In the world, the coffee can be divided into two groups based on the type, namely coffee Arabica and Robusta coffee. In Aceh, both types of coffee are cultivated by local people. Arabica coffee is generally grown in the Gayo highlands region, including Takengon, East Aceh, and Gayo Lues. While in Pidie district (especially Tangse region and Geumpang) and West Aceh, people prefer developing Robusta coffee.

Aceh’s lush natural conditions, weather combined support, makes the coffee plant in Aceh evolved into a high-quality commodity and profitable. Indonesia is the fourth largest exporter of coffee beans in the world, and Aceh is one of the biggest coffee producer is able to produce approximately 40% Arabica coffee beans premium level of total coffee harvest in Indonesia.

Dataran tinggi Gayo Aceh

High Land of Aceh Gayo

Gayo coffee

Gayo is coffee country. As far as the eye can see is the coffee plant. Then came to the Land of Gayo in mid-year, when the coffee plants start flowering, hilly land that was filled with white flowers fragrant coffee.

Coffee grown in the country are Gayo Arabica coffee, coffee varieties latter massive development in Indonesia. In the past, the poet said Fikar, our society is deceived by Dutch colonizers who said that arabica coffee only for the nobility while robusta coffee funny people. So since most people only know that robusta coffee, arabica coffee is being exported overseas to enjoy the “nobility” of Europe.

Harvesting Coffee Gayo

Harvesting Coffee Gayo

Now, after the community began to recognize the good pleasure of Arabica coffee, coffee development is also very fast, suspected by the reduced volume of coffee exports and rising domestic needs from time to time.

Mild arabica coffee flavor because it seems much less caffeine than Robusta, the cause of those who often have problems with stomach acid after drinking coffee, arabica coffee chose as friends relaxed in the morning or afternoon.

There are several advantages of this kind of coffee that makes the kind of Gayo coffee has been recognized by the whole world. The advantages of this kind of coffee have also opened opportunities and the chance to export to European countries, Asia, and the Americas. If viewed from the advantages and benefits of this kind of coffee is located in the fragrant aroma and savory taste of this kind of coffee known hardly bitter. Types of coffee are also already has a title as the type of premium coffee. With the advantages of this kind of coffee, coffee Gayo able to compete with other types of coffee types.

Traditional Roasting Coffee in Aceh Gayo

Traditional Roasting Coffee in Aceh Gayo

Gayo coffee is one of the typical coffee archipelagoes from Aceh who pretty much favored by various circles in the world. Gayo coffee aroma and flavor very distinctive. Most of the existing coffee left a bitter taste on the tongue. Gayo coffee flavor of the original lies in the fragrant aroma and savory taste hardly bitter. Some have argued that exceed Gayo coffee flavor Blue Mountain coffee flavor that comes from Jamaica.

One taste test conducted by Christopher Davidson one international copper. Christopher said that Gayo coffee has unique characteristics that are known by the term “heavy body and light acidity”, the which is hard when the coffee taste and aroma sensation drunk that Inspires passion.

Traditional Making Coffee Gayo

Traditional Making Coffee Gayo

Aroma of coffee Aceh will further explore the world when this coffee has become one of the menus in the international coffee shops, Starbucks Coffee. Mouthful by the mouthful of coffee Aceh would be up to the tongue of people from foreign countries. Unequaled pleasure when sipping coffee Aceh will be increasingly able to enjoy other world citizens. In short, once tried Aceh coffee, guaranteed to be flattered. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow should be back to enjoy the pleasure of the scent again.

With the success of this kind of coffee can penetrate the world coffee market would also have a positive impact on the development of the coffee industry in Aceh. It also can help to be able to provide jobs to workers in Aceh coffee. We as the people of Indonesia would be proud of superior coffee products from Indonesia.

Gayo Coffee

Gayo Coffee

Aceh Gayo coffee can also be said to be a brand of its own branding of a product of coffee on this one. We can see the Indonesia can be one of the countries with the which produce coffee products have been known in the world. The development of the coffee industry in Indonesia is also seen will still continue to be Able to have a positive market

Coffee Ulee Kareng

Ulee Kareeng is one of the districts in Banda Aceh, the capital of Aceh province. Ulee Kareng Ulee Kareng famous coffee. Many say if you do not stop and taste the coffee in one of the coffee shops in Ulee Kareng, then not complete your journey to the city of Banda Aceh. One of the other characteristics of the coffee Ulee Kareng is very dense color.

A Cup Coffee From Ulee Kareeng

A Cup Coffee From Ulee Kareeng

Ulee Kareng produced coffee beans from coffee bean quality derived from Lamno, Aceh Jaya. The coffee beans are produced by small and medium businesses. By the locals, high-quality coffee powder which is then processed in a unique, since the mill to be filtered into a cup of drink in its own way. This is why coffee Aceh, especially coffee Ulee Kareng is then transformed into an icon of Aceh itself. Awesomeness coffee aroma Aceh has long been legendary in Indonesia, and now also worldwide thanks to the many coffee lovers of the international workers who came and lived in Aceh for many years to reconstruct post-tsunami Aceh.

To get quality and unique taste terrible, the coffee beans Aceh through a long process. First of all, usually, roasted coffee beans for 4 hours. After reaching maturity 80%, the coffee beans are mixed with sugar and butter with a certain dose. Then the coffee beans that have been cooked finely ground. This process evokes strong coffee aroma, the taste is clean and not acidic.

Which makes coffee Aceh becomes more interesting is the way they are presented is distinctly different to the way of presenting the copies anywhere in the world. Coffee is brewed with water that is kept in a state of boiling. Steeping the coffee filtered repeatedly with a filter made of fabric, then poured from a kettle to kettle another. The result is a highly concentrated coffee, fragrant, and clean without containing coffee powder.

Ulee Kareeng Coffee Powder

Ulee Kareeng Coffee Powder

Enjoy coffee Aceh not only enjoy the taste, but also cultural traditions. In Aceh, the coffee shop is a gathering place, to meet and discuss any topic. For the people of Aceh, visit the coffee shop is an integral part of daily activities. Where they socialize and establish a relationship while enjoying coffee. They come to enjoy coffee, as a place to meet friends or business associates, or just unwind. “All problems can certainly finish in a coffee shop”, so said the Acehnese.

The most famous coffee shops and coffee shops visited them better-known father Services Solong Ulee Kareeng and a coffee shop Chek Yuke. Aceh coffee can also be found in coffee shops in every corner of the city of Banda Aceh. Only, perhaps, if the drink in Ulee Kareng, will taste better?

The following addresses of coffee shops and father Services Chek Yuke:

Coffee Ulee Kareng father Services Solong
Jl. T. Iskandar Sp. 7 Ulee Kareng
Banda Aceh
Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam.

Coffee Shops Chek Yuke
Jl. Diponegoro
in the heart of the city of Banda Aceh
(Edge of the area near Masjid Baiturrahman times)

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