Toraja coffee : The Specialty Grade Arabica

Toraja Coffee

Toraja coffee has crossed up to the café renowned throughout the world. Tana Toraja is a mountainous district in South Sulawesi, are 300 kilometers from the provincial capital Makassar-. Although not as famous as the Toraja, the surrounding areas are also manufacturers of quality coffee: Kalosi in Enrekang and Mamasa.

Toraja coffee is mostly grown on small plantations belonging to residents on the slopes of the mountain. Toraja people are known for being able to maintain a tradition hundreds of years old. One is funeral Signs Solo ‘which invites tourists at home and abroad. Just like the traditional parties that the ritual has been going on for generations, the processing of coffee also via a tradition hundreds of years old.

View of Tana Toraja

View of Tana Toraja

Toraja area is a very fertile area. Here, in addition to coffee, many spice plantations, coffee plantations and even many who became one field with the spices. This makes Toraja coffee has a strong aroma of spices, as in the surrounding environment affect the coffee plantation.

The uniqueness of the aroma and taste of spices from Toraja coffee has been attracting the interest of the coffee industry to cultivate coffee Instant coffee is becoming diverse and Specialty Grade Arabica coffee of high quality.

The coffee trip until he could go international has also gone through a long process. At first, the Dutch colonial government to determine the existence of “treasure” is. They could open a coffee plantation of 300 acres and named Kalosi Celebes Coffee. but it does not continue. Then, with the inclusion of Japan in Indonesia, coffee beans are briefly introduced to the country.

A farmer picks robusta coffee fruits during harvest season

A farmer picks robusta coffee fruits during harvest season in Toraja

Tana Toraja which is a legacy of the Dutch coffee plantation. They believe Toraja coffee industry will bounce back in the international world if the infrastructure in that area to be addressed.
In 1976, formed the cooperation of Japan and Indonesia: Tobacco- Toraja Arabica Coffee and nurseries began planting the seeds for a hundred acres and plan marketed in Japan, and to the various parts of the world.

Toraja Coffee

Traditional Toraja coffee processing by means of trampled

As well as the natural and cultural tourism are really fascinating, also known as Tana Toraja coffee aroma is alluring taste. Would feel incomplete if a visit to the town Tondok Lepongan this month without tasting or purchase genuine Toraja Arabica coffee. Because aroma and delicious taste, is very inappropriate when arabica coffee species is dubbed as the “Queen of Coffee”. A Strong coffee taste sensation, penetrating tongue. Also, there is a sense of discouragement. Bitterness appeared on the tongue tip shortly after drink. Coffee seemed more translucent appearance after poured into cups, tea-like slab.

Toraja coffee is processed in the traditional way.

Toraja coffee is processed in the traditional way.

Toraja coffee is also known as the herbal aroma. Moreover, if a glass coffee Toraja adds mint leaf,, you .. it would have been more different. Starting from the hands of the farmers, to spread throughout the world, Toraja coffee always leaves traces of the scent of pride for the country.

One type of Toraja coffee which is kind of the best and most expensive coffee in the world is the civet coffee. Wow, not half-hearted, it kind of coffee is rewarded with a price range of US $ 50 per cup. If you want to buy it in the form of packaging, we have to relah merego spend of US $ 600 per 4.5 Kg her.

Toraja coffee

Black Sweet Toraja coffee

What’s interesting about this kind of coffee is a unique process to be presented in a cup of black aroma so delicious. Kopi Luwak coffee beans originated from those found in civet droppings. Civet is a kind of squirrel that many animals living on the edge of the forest near coffee plantations. Therefore, coffee is named Luwak coffee. Are you interested in this coffee? certainly more tasteful

Toraja coffee is also known is that branded coffee, Kawata. besides this brand, there are copies of other brands such as Toraja Arabica Coffee Kalosi, Toraja Coffee Paper bag and the sales and production process is behind my house in Toraja is Toraja coffee trademarked Coffee Sangrapuan.

Toraja Coffee

Toraja Coffee Varian

Indeed, the production process is very simple, but it feels …… wow,, from the frying pan smoke aroma alone, patients who check their health in doctors who are near the location captivated her heart. Every day, not infrequently also the tourists who set aside time to stop by shopping at that place.

From The Business, Toraja Arabica coffee has been categorized as a specialty coffee that coffee lovers to be hunted in foreign countries. The price of coffee is also very tempting, which is US $ 8. “While the price of a type of coffee from elsewhere in Indonesia may be only about US $ 4 to US $ 5 per kilogram,”. Toraja coffee from different Indonesian coffee in general, nicknamed earthy or as there is a sense of the land because the processes are not very clean. Toraja Arabica coffee excellence is, in particular, standardized model of processing in order to produce high-quality coffee beans. Toraja coffee is processed with a very strict standard set of tests performed by experienced workers. Supervision of the coffee standards starting from picking up phase packing and shipping.

In Japan, this type of coffee including luxury goods. 40 percent of coffee is consumed in Japan comes from Toraja. The proof at the time of the Eco-Products Exhibition was attended by Prince and Princess Akishino in 2008 yesterday, Toraja coffee stands very ogled visitors. Seen queues of visitors who can not wait to try and repeat the original coffee taste the pleasure of Indonesia. Besides well-known in Japan, Toraja coffee is also very ogled Korean government.

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