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If you stroll in around Kuta and mood suddenly want to find a coffee shop but feels lazy because of traffic jams. Time passes Jalan Raya Kuta, there Kopi Bali House coincidence does not need to be exposed its traffic Kuta. It was in the hotel lobby Prime Biz, maybe if not so visible from the road signage Kopi Bali House because it was installed in the entrance lobby of his hotel (so if you want to come here for signagenya yes extra attention in order not missed). Kopi Bali House is a branch of which they are already well known in Sanur and Ubud.


Owner Coffee Bali Wirawan Tjahjadi


The coffee is produced on their own, known under the brand Kopi Bali Cap Butterfly Globe and is also widely used by luxury hotels in Bali. This coffee shop design creates a ‘oasis’ with a spatial arrangement that is comfortable and makes you feel at home linger. In addition to the coffee menu options are manifold, is also a selection of Indonesian and Western food menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are types of cake and pastry selection which certainly will not disappoint to try.

Interestingly, you will not only enjoy a coffee with every meal companion but your eyes will be pampered with a variety of paintings Rudy Sri Handoko which is painter Indonesian coffee. Upstairs the place was transformed into a gallery of paintings.

The atmosphere is comfortable and cozy cafes, there are also some couches also for guests who want to linger to enjoy a dish of coffee. Reading magazines provided also complete, make visitors more comfortable in this cafe. If you are bored in the table can also visit their display area, there are a variety of interesting coffee-making tool. Starting from handpresso, moka pot, siphon, until the espresso machine.

Choice of food available there are western and Indonesian menu. Cooking flavors approaching western tastes, feels dominated by savory, creamy and soft, without the use of spicy seasonings / spicy like most western restaurants that conform to the tastes of Indonesia.

Frozen Moccacino

Frozen Moccacino

Whenever visiting this cafe there must be some of his clientele are foreign tourists / foreigners, it is no wonder the cuisine here can be adjusted to accommodate their tastes.

Grilled Chicken and Beef
For the main course meals ranging in price Rp 40000-80000. While visiting foursome here, with a choice of 4 main meals, 4 drinks and 2 appetizers, obtained total bill was around Rp 450,000. The price is slightly more expensive than the famous outlets like Dome cafe / Excelso, but according to the quality of food that is obtained.

 Chicken Cordon Bleu fillet

Chicken Cordon Bleu fillet

Taste: 8/10
Atmosphere: 8/10
Service: 7/10
Value: 6.5 / 10

I finally went to satisfy the desire for a cup of coffee today. I also ordered a Frozen Moccacino, there is a sense of his coffee, his mocca dapet cold anyway, matching the one for the afternoon gini if ​​not want to drink coffee that can make the effects of late nights. But rich Frozen Moccacino I need the company of the same snacks ya, since the drink is already sweet so I was looking for something savory, yak choice fell to Risolles.




Risolles ya fat tasty and hearty ragout stuffed with savory and slightly sweet with a mixture of carrots, chicken, bamboo shoots and hard-boiled eggs. Amazingly I were not like bamboo shoots could actually eat this risoles, because ga distinctive taste and smell of bamboo shoots. Plus a chinese style homemade secret sauce with sweet nutty flavor make it more flavor cocolan risoles I ate, all flavors in one dish.

Add the menu again for sharing, my message Chicken Cordon Bleu tender chicken breast fillet stuffed with beef bacon & mozzarela then rolled with bread and fried, so the cheese is melted and then doused with cream sauce was absolutely delicious fit in my mouth. As a complement to the veggetables sautee potatoes, full-nih return home.


The Kopi Bali House Kuta is different from that in Sanur and Ubud you know, that here is open 24 hours suitable for ya that love must insomnia but do not know where it ?! Just bring your laptop just because there is also free WIFI


Kopi Bali House Kuta

For cofffee Bali House is located at Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai Sanur. With a towering three-story building, you will easily recognize.


Kopi Bali House Sanur

Due to high market demand, Kopi Bali House are present in Bali with some other branches are in Kuta precisely, Jl. Raya Kuta No. 66 Banjar Anyar and on Monkey Forest Road 138, Ubud. Curious about the popularity Kopi Bali House? Just drop can cure your curiosity!

Kopi Bali House Ubud

Kopi Bali House Ubud

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