Yummi! Coffee glass It Can Be Eaten


Cups for drinks are usually made of plastic or glass that can be reused. However, unlike these unique glasses. Once used to hold drinks and finished drinking, glasses that can be eaten!

Because no need to be removed or washed as glass in general, these products are considered lingkungan.Bahan-friendly materials used were varied. Like glasses good following.

A Design and Consulting Company “The Way We See The World” has Merancanga edible glass, this glass has the taste and can decompose naturally because it is made of gelatin, so if the glass is disposed on the ground is very beneficial for the plants because it contains organisms which can foster the growth of grass and plants.


This glass is made entirely of agar agar (a substance gelatin made from red algae) and made also in different flavors, such as lemon-mint basil, -Ginger, or rosemary-bits, each designed specifically for a suitable beverage wishes.



Jelloware intended to be disposed of on lawns or plants after use, because the seaweed extract is really good for maintaining plant growth. so can ya dijadiin glasses that can keep the Earth from Global Warming .., because plastic waste

For cocktail lovers, no need to bother when no snacks to accompany your drink. Now a company in New York has created a cocktail glass that can be eaten as a snack after a drink exhausted.

Uniquely, colorful glasses also have a sense of each you know, from bitter taste of bitters (bitter), salty lime, sweet vanilla and spicy pepper. Plastic cups can also be used for other drinks instead of regular plastic cups.



However, because it can be eaten, this glass can only be used for three days after they are sent. Moreover, the glass either destroyed or can not be eaten. These glasses are called Loliware looks eye catching with bright colors and elegant design. In addition, the texture of the glass also soft and easy bitten.


loliware flavor

A participant who tried to take the glass is claimed that a very intense flavor in the glass when trying to taste salty lime, as reported by the Daily Mail (02/01).

Loliware can be purchased in packs containing 48 glass with the same flavor at USD 144 per package. Unfortunately, glasses funny and unique Beru available in New York alone.

The Cookie Cup
If most people drink coffee from a glass ceramic or plastic, is now a coffee company ‘named Alfred Coffee & Kitchen innovate by creating Coffee cone! as well as an ice cream cone, cone crunchy use certainly edible, as reported by the Huffington Post.

coffee cone 3

coffee cone cokie

Drinking coffee or milk will be more enjoy when coupled with biscuits. The products named “The Cookie Cup” was successfully combine both. No need to worry because these cookies can hold hot liquids like coffee without leaking or seeping. Because, the inside of the cup is coated with a special icing sugar.

Coffee shop known for its slogan “but first, coffee” this might be the coolest shop in LA. A celebrity hotspot, a small shop on Melrose Place has received a lot of attention on this new service.

However, customers will not find these items in the regular menu, as this merapakan secret menu, but it is certainly a favorite of subscribers since its launch a few weeks ago. To be able to enjoy it, visitors have to pay an extra 5 dollars.

Cone is presented in wax paper as a buffer, just to make sure that customers are not exposed to molten chocolate into their hands.

The scoff-ee cup
Kentucky Fried Chicken launching environmentally friendly innovations. The new glass is made from cookies, snacks shaped like glasses. Creative huh? In the UK, fast food restaurants KFC wear “glasses eaten” with a layer of sugar paper and reinforced a heat-resistant layer made of white chocolate. This white chocolate cookies remain kriuk keep-kriuk and drinking coffee stays hot. A creative culinary products.


The scoff-ee cup

indeed different sensation disposable coffee “cup eaten” in this KFC. Imagine … melt white chocolate coating was too long to make your coffee and cookies plus a little sweet it will be more tender. Once finished drinking coffee, eating aja tuh glasses. Think just as dessert. Nah bother wasting junk, environmentally friendly. Cool it!

In the design of these cookies glassmaking, Kentucky Fried Chicken in collaboration with experimental food experts The Robin Collective. Her scent also already made to improve our mood. Any kind of scent? Coconut cream, the aroma of freshly cut grass and wild flowers. He says it is coffee aroma that fans want to feel, when drinking coffee.

The scoff-ee cup will be more known in restaurants KFC in the UK this year. If you again traveled up there, cobain aja taste the products up-date this world. Although actually famous KFC is not going to drink coffee. But when yes, the scoff-ee cup is offered at KFC Indonesia? We just wait …

Originally founded by Col.Harland Sanders KFC. Headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. Famous KFC fried chicken and usually served in a bucket or pail is made of cardboard. Sanders started selling fried chicken in 1939. Had bankrupt and met Pete Harman and cooperation founded Kentucky Fried Chicken in 1952.

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