Awaccino 3D Latte Art Maker

3D Art Coffee

If latte art 2-dimensional feels too normal for you, try another product of Takara Tomy Arts that can help you make latte art 3-dimensional, ie Awaccino 3-D Latte Art Maker.

Latte art creations trend is forming foam on a cappuccino or coffee latte into an interesting picture. Start a trend that is very popular around 2012-2013 years ago in Japan. And he cried again, these days it seems the baristas are not satisfied only with milk foam drawing his course, so continued to innovate to make the milk foam into three-dimensional shapes are embossed into the surface of the coffee. But unfortunately in making 3D latte art, the process is much more difficult because we had to race against time before coffee and foam to cool its “deflated” or down. Approximately preparation should not be more than 5 minutes. Well … create 3D creations that want to make latte art in their own homes with a much easier process, Takara Tomy, the Japanese toy company, making 3D Latte Art Maker Awa Taccino. This product is a blender gadgets that can make milk foam on top of the coffee, then form a three-dimensional creations more easily! He cried again, we just need the basic materials, namely milk!

Kazuki Yamamoto became the first Barista pattern that creates a 3D image on a latte in Japan. Meanwhile Mattsun (call for Matsuno Kohei) also now follow the footsteps of his art friends ‘foam coffee’ 3D and managed to captivate the hearts of his fans with an outstanding masterpiece of cute and may, for some people who ordered it would be a pity to drink the coffee. Let’s find some beautiful shots of their work below.


If you are curious, come to Tokyo and popped into the café where Matssun work. Or maybe you want to try yourself at home ala practice professional Barista? Easy, just twitter stalking the master Mattsun and Kazuki-san.

How to use 3-D Awacino Latte Maker is fairly easy. You simply enter the cold low-fat milk or soy milk warm into the tool, then switched on for 60 seconds and letting it settle for 2 minutes. Afterwards, you are free to use the foam to form a 3-dimensional motifs of your favorite. To be more realistic, you just add a particular color (usually brown or black coffee syrup) to turn on your latte art 3-dimensional. Easy is not it?

3D Art Coffee

3D Art Coffee


Deco Latte products will go on sale on December 1, 2014 at a price of 500 yen (approximately US $ 4.40) for set contains 10 pieces. Awaccino will be launched three days later at a price of 3400 yen. Ready to become ‘experts’ in making latte art?

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