Latte Art: Decorating coffee using milk


Latte art or the art of decorating coffee using milk foam is not a new thing in the world of coffee. Latte art will make a cup of coffee becomes more special. As the name implies, latte art commonly used for espresso coffee with the type of latte. “That is, latte contains more milk than coffee cappuccino type. That is why it is called latte art, “said Danny.

Stage is almost the same as the coffee in general, first we grind the beans into a powder while evaporative milk (steam). “We recommend that when milk disteam, the temperature is not too hot, just around 70oC only. This is due to the milk itself contains protein, so if the temperature is too hot molecules contained in the milk will burst and could cause uneven air bubbles.

Another thing to consider is the teapot or a latte is made from stainless steel and has a tapered end so that when poured latte does not fall apart. Then there are times when the latte art to use for his sticks can use a toothpick or a special stick made of metal, all the same just for starters.

For the first technique called Free Pour Latte Art. This technique simply manipulating the fall in coffee latte. So initially latte will be poured into the cup side gradually towards the other end of the cup, shape mengkerucut immediately pulled back to the starting point. The simplest way because it does not require sticks to paint. The result usually can be shaped Rosetta or the shape of a heart. This form is Lazin dish used by the cafe-cafe serving coffee in order to stay beautiful and attractive.

Coffee Latte Art

Free Pour Latte Art

The second is the technique of etching, this technique requires us to describe his art over the foam with a mixture of chocolate syrup or powder. Here is also required in order to create a pattern sticks that fit and attractive. Initially latte poured into coffee, then after a full taburin chocolate syrup or powder with patterned. To refine use sticks to create a pattern, can be straight or circular. However, use in one direction, if we are moving in two directions can ruin the texture lattenya.

Latte Art Using Stick

Latte Art technique of etching

Both of these techniques are fundamental in making Latte Art. So make a wish to experiment to drawing on latte, can try the two techniques above. At least when it passed the two techniques above, can advance to the next stage. For a more complete we will provide inserts video below.

– Coffee (Single espresso)
– Milk
– Milk frother
– Glass
– Thermometer to cook water
– Microwave / Two Pots (au bain marie)
– Stainless Steel Jug, and
– Music (To create a comfortable atmosphere in the making latte art)

Single espresso

First turn on the music and then you create a single espresso was to be used as the material would be mixed with milk for latte art made later.

Step 2 If the ready-made single espresso, now The milk warm. Please remember not to make The milk is too hot, make it warm was not melibihi of 65 degrees Celsius. Use a thermometer to measure it.

There are two ways:

By entering the Microwave. The milk input on Jug, then heated using microwave for 40 seconds.

By using a system called Two pot au bain marie cooking (cooking with two pans). Find the one pot-sized one fruit and a small pot of fruit. fill a large pot with water and then enter the quarter milk into a small saucepan. Then a small pot put into the big pot and cook was using the stove.

 Two pot au bain marie cooking

Two pot au bain marie cooking

If you do not want to use a small pot. Her milk directly put in Jug Jug only then put them into a large pot. See an example of a picture (nearing such example)

Step 3, If The milk has been warmed. Let’s start making microfoam Milk. By using Milk frother. Turn Milk frother continue milk shake her until the microfoam or until the sound of a gentle see Example


aerolatte for making desain

Step 4, Time to make latte art. Pour the milk was the result of steam on the glass-filled single espresso. Then the appropriate image you want.

Step 5, Ready served … Recipe ala Meldy hopefully help .. ^ 0 ^

If you are still confused ni I do for additional information ..

Failed in making Microfoamnya.
– It was in because the wrong type of The milk.
– One because the milk too hot steam to the temperature.
– Less rapidly in the milk churn.

Difficulty in Menggambarny (latte art).
– Do not get too terburu2 in terms poured.
– Still not the right microfoam.
– Learn and learn again. ^ _ ^

Video About Aerolatte :

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