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Are you a fan of coffee and always consume every day? For most people, the espresso coffee is one of the classics is always a choice for fans of coffee with a stronger taste. However, not everyone can make it because it requires a special tool espresso makers. For those who want to enjoy an espresso anytime and anywhere without having to visit a store that sells for portable coffee machine, this tool could be one solution.

Minipresso Portable Coffee Machine
Traveling to a cool place, it is the most delicious coffee. But without a complete equipment, make coffee while traveling will be a challenge. Well, now there Minipresso, mini-sized coffee maker. How it works Minipresso is to extract the coffee powder with hot water up into a delicious espresso coffee.

Minipresso Machine

Minipresso Machine

Just enter the coffee powder in the lid, then fill the hot water in the bottom. Then flip and ‘pump’ both to meet in the middle and the coffee extract can be directly out of the hole in the bottom. Voila! Now you can enjoy coffee directly anytime and anywhere.

This machine does not require batteries or electricity, and only rely on the pressure of the pump is done users. Minipresso made by companies from Hong Kong is also fully equipped with glasses. For a small cup of coffee, you simply pump up as much as 13 small and espresso coffee with 18 times the pump and a double espresso with 28 times the pump.

Here Video How to Use Minipresso:

Handpresso Wild Hybrid Portable Machine Machine
Handpresso Wild Hybrid is a portable tool to make a cup of quality espresso anywhere. With this tool you can achieve pressures up to 16 Bar, where the pressure generated is enough to make a quality cup of espresso. You do not need a battery or electricity, requiring only the coffee powder and hot water, then the tool Handpresso Wild Hybrid will process it into a cup of quality espresso. It’s a tool that you must have as coffee lovers with high mobility and those who like traveling.

Handpresso Wild Hybrid, was officially launched in January 2008 at the Show in Milan, Handpresso has been a market leader for portable espresso maker. With the motto ‘Espresso anywhere’, Handpresso can be used in all situations around the world! Distributed in more than 50 countries, 300,000 Handpresso Wild Hybrid engines have been sold worldwide. The original design and style of Handpresso coming from France.

Handpresso Wild Hybrid, can be directly used coffee grounds are placed in a container named DomePod or ESE Pod (ESE Pod stands for Easy Serving Espresso). ESE Pod is a coffee powder that has been wrapped in filter paper and have met many in foreign countries.

Traveler handpresso portable Machine

Traveler handpresso portable Machine

Handpresso Wild Hybrid uses extremely easy and fast, namely:
1. Pour hot water on the Tools Handpresso Wild Hybrid.
2. Keep DomePod duly powdered coffee or ESE Pod on the Tools Handpresso Wild Hybrid.
3. Pump Handpresso Wild Hybrid until the tool shows the 16 Bar Pressure.
4. Press the Button on Handpresso Wild Hybrid.
Violaa ..! quality espresso cup already you can enjoy anywhere.

Handpresso Wild Hybrid produces about 50 ml espresso for once making.

Supporting accessories for Handpresso Wild Hybrid:
– Handpresso Domepod Case: Accessories to store 3 DomePod.
– Handpresso Intense portafilter: Gear replacement portafilter on Handpresso Wild Hybrid to produce more viscous and flavorful coffee.
– DomePod Handpresso tamper: Tamper for compacting and leveling of coffee powder on DomePod.

Here Video How to Use Handpresso Wild Hybrid:

Audi Handpresso Portable Coffee Machine
How to automotive manufacturers to hook consumers are very diverse. From the start of the most unusual, until a sale promise in the form of a variety of advantages that would be obtained if consumers buy their products. In addition, car manufacturers usually also produce a variety of enhancements.

For the latter, Audi, the German car manufacturer, seems to be quite creative by offering a portable espresso machine that can be installed in their cars. With this, Audi promises the driver can drink coffee, “even if there is no coffeshop.”

Designed to make the driver or passengers become barista mobile, these machines stay connected on 12-volt power outlet in the car. Approximately two minutes, a cup of hot espresso has been available to accompany the trip.

Audi’s official website accessed on Tuesday (03/17/2015), does not include how to taste espresso of this portable machine. However, Audi says that this way is relatively simple, just open the hood, pour a little water and then plug espresso pad. After two minutes, press the button to release the machine.

Mesih is priced at US $ 210. The price consists of Audi branded bags, two cups of espresso cups, 18 bags of coffee and a cleaning cloth.

Although it is quite interesting, Audi did not give further details which could get a portable espresso machine. Whether the machine was sold to the whole country or only in Germany alone is also not described.

Nomad Portable Coffee Machine

Nomad: Mesin Pembuat Espresso Portable

Nomad: Mesin Pembuat Espresso Portable

UniTerra making espresso machine named Nomad and does not require electricity or batteries to operate. So, how these tools can make espresso? That needs to be done by the user is entering the hot water and espresso powder material into the tool and start pressing the lever provided on the side of the tool. By pressing the lever, Nomad will mix both the main ingredients to produce a cup of coffee for your espresso.

With light weight and portable to carry wherever you go, Nomad can be a tool that is practical espresso coffee maker for coffee enthusiasts. To see how this tool works, you can see it through the following video:

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