How To Make Coffee Charcoal Yogjakarta

Coffee Charcoal

How is your impression when a piece of burning charcoal put in a cup of coffee? Of course it is very familiar, especially if you are one of a coffee connoisseur. Yes, coffee joss already very widespread, especially in Java. One serving of this unique coffee so favorite menu for coffee lovers, because it is unique and it turns out to have some efficacy.

You will find the experience that you never feel when drinking coffee charcoal Yogya. This jos coffee later we again divided into two divisions of coffee jos, namely:

Coffee Charcoal

Jos 1x coffee

Jos coffee 2x

1x and 2x the amount of charcoal that this is put in the coffee. So why do we just give the option to 2x is because if too much then the coffee will be less and could be spilled. The more carbon the more expensive coffee.

Joss coffee, a coffee that has a unique manufacturing method to be charcoal. When the hot brewed coffee is given or put hot coals, then the coffee will give voice tight josss thus create the coffee names.

The region of origin itself, Coffee Joss is a row culinary sold at night. In addition to warm, Coffee Joss has properties for the body because it is not a charcoal charcoal used carelessly. The charcoal is derived from wood sambi are directly imported from Kalimantan. Usefulness can to eliminate abdominal pain, bloating, heartburn, as well as to maintain fitness and relieve fatigue

Coffee Joss

Coffee Joss / Coffee Charcoal prepared in typical Jogjakarta serve

Efficacy and Benefits of coffee jos many researchers admit that the levels of caffeine is considered low because of the method of manufacture neutralized by charcoal. Charcoal are heated at temperatures above 250 ° Celsius would be useful activated carbon binds pollutants and toxins. However, he said, the activated carbon can reduce coffee grounds, binds toxins, and improve the aroma. Coffee Joss said to also be able to treat colds, abdominal pain, poisoning, and increase stamina. Coffee joss steady eaten at any time either morning, afternoon, evening, or night. Moreover, if while reading a book or chatting with friends and family. Want to try to make itself please try the recipe below.


– Ground coffee (Coffee Arabica Gayo) may use another black coffee
– Hot Water
– Sugar
– Charcoal Net (in burn until red) can wear bamboo charcoal


– Brewed coffee powder and sugar (depending on taste) with boiling hot water into a glass
– Put hot coals into a glass that has been prepared
– Coffee Joss / Coffee Charcoal prepared in typical Jogjakarta serve

For more details please watch the video below:

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