How to choose a good quality coffee

About the taste of coffee, it depends on taste, but about the quality of the existing criteria. Good quality coffee taste and optimal performance for each type. How to choose a good quality coffee?

Each coffee lovers certainly have their own choices about their favorite coffee types. Many think about the type of coffee beans, where the coffee was grown and how coffee is processed to affect the taste and the final stage of production. Coffee lovers, known as cuppers, must already know the level of acidity or sharpness current sense into the mouth, the aroma or fragrance of roasted coffee beans and a distinctive taste.

Great coffee resulting from a series of lengthy process. From the start of the process of planting, harvesting, sorting, roasting, packaging, until served. For example planting trees shade the coffee must exist because if exposed to direct sunlight, the quality of the coffee beans produced is not good. Of course, the plants must be free of pests and nutritional deficiencies. Then, coffee farmers are encouraged to tidy up the coffee tree, in order to facilitate picking coffee. Number of specialty grade coffee one of no more than 10% of the total harvest. This amount could be reduced if the process is done by farmers, roasters (roasters), and packaging section is not within the rules. The quality of specialty grade coffee beans one that is made into esspresso. So, it is complicated to get a cup of quality coffee. Well, when buying coffee, what needs to be known to determine the quality of the coffee?

The characteristics of quality coffee

If the coffee is packaged in plastic, certainly the quality of the coffee will go down. Nice packaging using bags made from aluminum because of its low permeability, so that oxygen does not easily fit into the package. On the packaging is no valve in the form of a small hole in one direction that is useful to remove oxygen from the packaging. This valve function is also to smell the coffee in it. Oxygen is the main enemy which has been roasted coffee because coffee is exposed to oxygen to be oxidized, so the quality goes down.

Aluminium Packaging

plastic laminated foil heat seal

So coffee is already unpacked recommended to be spent within a week because if it had been more than a week the smell will disappear and it will be different. Therefore, it is advisable to buy coffee in small packs if only for their own needs or a small family. Freshly roasted coffee will produce a lot of oxygen which causes the package to be inflated. If there is no valve feared packaging will break easily.

tin tie

binder coffee packaging (tin tie) at the top of the packaging.

In addition to bags made from aluminum, which has a binder coffee packaging (tin tie) at the top of the packaging. Tin tie serves to bind the packaging has been opened before being stored in a storage container. Oh yes, that is no less important is the expiration date (expiry date). Check the packaging of coffee about the expiration date. If it has expired, as well as affect the taste unpalatable fear it would bring problems to the body.

Physical forms of coffee
Physically, the coffee market is presented there in the form of seeds (beans that have been roasted) and powder (ground). Coffee physical form which we choose? It depends on taste because each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Coffee beans in the shape of a true coffee lovers choice because most durable flavor so that during grinding, it’s just not practical because it had to have a coffee machine or grinder (grinder) to grind before brewing. For coffee lovers, this is not a problem because for them to enjoy when the coffee is not just coffee served in cups, but also the presentation. In fact there is a longer preparation, which is to buy a coffee in the form of raw beans (beans that have been dried and ready to be roasted) to roasted himself. This is done to get a roasting level corresponding to the personal tastes.

Good coffee of course freshly roasted because the aroma and taste in optimal condition. The seed physical appearance and shiny dark brown (depending on the level of roasting). slick coffee beans come from the oil released during roasting coffee beans. This oil is one of the elements of the body (viscosity) of coffee.

The other is the physical form of the coffee powder. The surplus, can be directly brewed any time, it’s just still leaving residue. Coffee powder fineness levels also varied depending on the designation. There were rough when used for espresso, There is also a subtle when used for instant coffee. In enjoying coffee brewed, taste the most delicious is when coffee was getting cold and staying a little, sometimes dregs like taste too. Instant coffee has an interesting history in Indonesia.

Storage Techniques

coffee storage in a jar

coffee storage in a jar

Many people prefer to buy whole coffee beans and ground coffee instead. Because it feels more concentrated and more fragrant aroma released and more enjoyable. Unfortunately, most people do not know how to save these coffee beans at home, because the quality of the coffee beans can diperngaruhi of weather factors, humidity, and temperature. Here are some ways to save the coffee beans in your home.

1. Place your coffee beans in a sealed container. This will prevent moisture and air from coffee beans, and will retain the flavor of the coffee.

2. Avoid placing coffee beans near sources of steam, such as in a cabinet above the coffee pot. Coffee beans stored near the kitchen sink is also at risk of becoming wet.

3. Keep the beans in a cool place in your home, away from exposure to strong light and sunlight. Too much light can significantly reduce the taste and aroma of coffee beans. Using dark colored container will reduce the amount of light entering into.

4. Use coffee beans as soon as possible, because if too long kept the seeds will begin to stale and lose flavor, as well as parse quality.

5. Refrigerate or freeze the seeds if you are going to use it within 2 weeks after purchase. Although the store coffee beans in the fridge or freezer is not ideal, but it will slow down the damage and keep the freshness of the coffee beans from coffee beans.

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