How to Brew Coffee using French Press

French press is not a new name in the world of coffee. Its presence has long been one of the selection methods in the manual brew coffee brewing. Unlike other manual tools brew using filter paper or Able kone, french press in contrast to the simplicity of it makes it alluring and timeless.

French press consists of a long glass, a plunger which is fused with a lid. French press coffee with practically easy bother. The coffee produced by the french press depends on the temperature of hot water and the time to exert pressure. The resulting coffee feels more “neutral”, not too bitter and not too acidic. French press was actually invented by an Italian named Attilio Calimani then popular in France.

Then how coffee is produced? If you know how to use it, the coffee was brewed using a french press will provide ‘characteristics’ that is no less delicious than other methods. Without causing french press filter paper to produce more flavor with rich, creamy and slightly oily. Even so french press coffee lets you more strongly scented and of course fun.

Then how to use a french press in a way that is good and true that coffee is produced in line with expectations? Here we describe the steps that you produce a french press coffee right.

Use good water
Coffee contains 98% H2O, therefore good coffee should come from a good water well. Make sure the water used is not contaminated by other substances and flavors. Container of water where you have to completely clean so that no trace of taste or aroma of other drinks were stuck there. It would be nice to try the water will you use to make coffee first. If the taste of the water is fit according to you, means fitting also to brew coffee.

Use coffee is really fresh and new
Long coffee will not give the same pleasure as coffee beans freshly roasted and brewed it will affect the time by the French press. The coffee beans that are too long to be left open packaging does not have the aroma and taste similar to that still sealed in the package. The coffee beans are fresh and new has a strong scent and looks a little oily. And that should have good coffee.


Milled coffee beans before brewed
For best results, use freshly ground coffee, not coffee powder that has been milled days. Milled coffee brewed just before for maximum results. Like the fruit, cut the apples just before eating. Just like the coffee, grind the seeds just before brewed for flavor and aroma that you will enjoy the best in the final result later. Make sure the coffee powder that is produced is not too smooth because it could allow clog the filter of french press. Medium is the right choice.

Do not follow standard size french press
Coffee you is your personal taste. So if you want to enjoy coffee according to personal taste, measuring his own dose of coffee and water you want. Usually 18-20 grams of coffee for 8 ounces of water is fitting size for beginners. If you want a stronger flavor maybe you can add or subtract water coffee. Experiment with flavor. Do not let you dictate guide books. Define own flavor your coffee.


Use water to the right temperature
Water that is too hot will issue a bitter taste that is not supposed to be. While the water is not hot would not release the desired flavors of delicious coffee. Therefore, usually 94 degrees Celsius is the temperature fit for french press. But if you do not want to bother issuing a thermometer, heat the water to the boil and allow 30 seconds before use. Then the right temperature also you can get.

Pour your coffee!
Insert the coffee grounds to the bottom third of the french press and pour water on it. Allow the coffee and water for 30 seconds and then stir gently. Make sure the coffee and water ‘cooked’ perfectly so that you get the pleasure you want. After that, pour the remaining water and let the brewing process begins.

Timeliness affect taste
Brewing process that is too short will make your coffee taste becomes sour and thin. If the brewing process lasts too long, you will end up bitter coffee. For best results, let the coffee you are in the French press for 4 minutes before you enjoy.


Be careful when pressing
After the brewing process is complete, press the plunger firmly, slowly and carefully. Pressing too hard will cause the coffee to spray out and everything is so messy. Caution is needed in this process.

Enjoy your coffee!

Once everything is complete, pour the coffee into your cup. Enjoy coffee with a maximum. But remember, if you do not want to spend your coffee once in a french press, do not let the rest silenced in the French press. Pour the remaining coffee into another container. Because coffee is too long silenced in the French press will give the unwanted bitter taste. Congratulations to drink coffee!

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