How to Brew Coffee using Vietnam Drip

Here I share how to make coffee with vietnam drip. I share this version may be simple and may make the experts there are several steps were missed. However, the results obtained at the time I brewed this result is quite steady. extraction time takes about 3 minutes.

Vietnam have one of drip coffee brewing methods commonly used by people in Vietnam. As it grows, vietnam drip method increasingly loved by coffee lovers all over the world. The reason is simple, filters are used in this method is considered to be able to keep the flavor of the coffee. Besides brewing process that does not spend too much time and prices are relatively cheap filter is also a factor that led to this method is becoming popular.

Vietnam drip is very simple, consisting of a bottom sieve, cups, strainer above (tamper), and cover. Tamper serves to suppress the coffee so that when exposed to hot water, the quintessence of coffee can get out. Tamper its own there are two kinds, which are screwed (put additional pressure) and that without screws (only the pressure of gravity).

Besides having a filter, to produce the perfect steeping, you should have some equipment below:

– Grinder
– Digital Scales
– Thermometer

Some of the equipment above is important you have to remember there is an ideal size of coffee powder, coffee and water ratio between the right and the right temperature to be used in this method.

To find out how to brew coffee using Drip Vietnam, please follow the steps below:

Step 1

Prepare the coffee you want to fax. For the ratio of coffee that I normally use is 10 grams of coffee for every 60 ml of water. But you can customize it as I read some of his writings barista using a ratio of 10 g: 140 ml.

Step 2

Furthermore milled coffee beans using a grinder. Should have the grinder that has a timer feature size because size is ideal in this method Coarse, coffee powder size rudest. But if you do not have a grinder with timer feature size, grind coffee beans to the size as shown below:


Grind Coffee

Step 3

Then boil the water. As I said earlier, I am using 60 ml of water. As for the temperature of most barista boil water until the water reaches a temperature of 92-95 ° C, but I prefer to boil water until it reaches a temperature of 95-100 ° C due to possible temperature will be reduced during the brewing process takes place.

Step 4

Prepare a filter, you should first wash the filters that will be used as the remnants of the coffee powder or dust that is left in the filter will damage the coffee aroma you later.

Step 5

Pour 2 teaspoons condensed milk into the glass. Vietnam society accustomed to using milk in this method, but you can replace it with honey or even use both at once.


Add sweetened condensed milk

Step 6

Then enter the coffee powder that has been milled into the filter. But before entering the coffee grounds, open the first plunger. For more convenience, you should learn about the components that exist in vietnam drip filter.


add coffee

Step 7

Once inserted into the filter coffee powder, coffee powder evenly using a plunger. Then let the plunger to remain in the filter.

Step 8

Then pour the hot water into the filter. Begin by pouring 20 ml of water beforehand. Then let stand for 20 seconds. This trick will make water and extracted with good coffee.


add water

Step 9

After waiting for 20 seconds, pour 40 ml of water remaining in the filter and close the filter and wait for 2 minutes.



Step 10

After 2 minutes of open valve filter and see if the water had gone down everything. If within 2 minutes there is still water in the filter that means the size of your coffee too fine powder. So next time a little more coarse grind coffee.

Step 11

After all the water down to a cup under the filter. Coffee stir until blended. However, this step can be skipped if you do not use milk or honey.

Step 12

After stirring, pour the coffee into your cup. Now you just enjoy a cup of delicious coffee that is smooth and minimal waste.


Done… enjoy your coffee


Now that the tutorial how to brew coffee using Drip Vietnam. Easy is not it? Hope it helps and Greetings Coffee!
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