How to use Syphon Coffee Maker

This time I want to share experiences on how to make a delicious coffee based on my own experience yes (only for reference only). Keep in mind actually many ways to enjoy a cup of coffee, for example, make copies by using the Syphon Coffee Maker, Espresso Machine, Vietnam Drip (better known VD) and can also be used FrenchPress (Plunger) and others.

For the tools I mentioned above have advantages and disadvantages, of course, in accordance with their respective functions. For this article I will share a story to coffee lovers how to make good coffee by using a siphon coffee maker.

Syphon (chiffon) exotic coffee maker is the coffee connoisseur to enjoy a cup of coffee in different ways with which we are familiar. This tool does not produce but coffee espresso brewing method and has introduced the European continent since 1830. Its basic form is not too many changes since it was first patented in 1838 in addition to the discovery of pyrex glass material which taha fire in 1915. I tried Syphon Coffee Maker Want various experience how it feels to make coffee with a tool that is very popular in Japan this country.

There are two main parts, namely a container of water in the bottom and place the coffee on top. Tool that I have used the heater fire with methylated material, relatively safe because it is equipped with a cover to turn off the fire. The basic principle is no different with Moka Pot where the pressure of the water vapor will enter into the small pipe (funnel) that drain the hot water into the coffee container. In place of the coffee there is a kind of filter that will filter coffee grounds and fell back into the container below it when the fire is switched off.

Personally I found the tools art deco style is indeed quite troublesome besides it takes approximately 30 minutes until the coffee is ready to enjoy. Not so certainly for the fans Syphon Coffee Maker who simply enjoy the ritual of making coffee with this unique tool. I submit fully taste the coffee produced by the siphon coffee maker to you. While I am still fond of the aroma of the coffee-maker practically like Vietnam Drip or French Press that apart easier to use also relatively cheaper.


sypon cycle prosesing

Syphon Coffee Maker has its own advantages with a view to the way they are presented (brewing), and I think the results of this tool is very satisfying because it produces a special flavor and delicious coffee and no coffee grounds at all. In addition siphon coffee maker in design with a unique shape makes its own charm, and for weaknesses only in the base material that looks fragile and easily broken, because based glass. Okay maybe it was a glimpse of siphon coffee maker I can explain.

Here below are tips on how to make a delicious Gayo coffee using a siphon coffee maker, here I use black coffee as basic materials.

1. Prepare a siphon coffee maker tool (I use the Hario Syphon Coffee Maker)


Sypon Kit Set

2. Prepare the coffee powder (I wear this type of coffee Longberry Gayo)

3. Prepare Hot Water (speed up the process of boiling water in the container)
4. Put water into the container over the furnace (appropriate dose contained in a container, I use Hario Syphon Coffee Maker TC-3)


Add Hot Water

5. Put the coffee into a container (do not forget to associate the filter at the end of the coffee so that the coffee powder is not scattered during the process)


Add Coffee

6. Put the coffee powder (according to taste, I use 3 tsp congenital siphon coffee maker for the results of two cups of coffee – between 20-22gram)


Put In Bowlamp

7. Turn on the furnaces


Waiting Proses Cooking

8. Wait for a while and when the hot water temperature will rise to the surface of the coffee powder storage to boiling water and produce black coffee, if the water is boiling time the fire is extinguished so that the water that has turned into a black coffee will go back down to the container and black coffee ala Syphon Coffee Maker ready to serve.


Cooling Prosess

And the result WOW .. Gayo coffee flavor and aroma of its very distinctive once coupled with the advantages that no residue so it feels more solid (yield of coffee instead of espresso but only coffee brew)

So please try and feel the sensation and flavor of Gayo coffee produced from the siphon coffee maker. If coffee lovers are interested and want to feel unique and delicious coffee Gayo, please look at the catalog of products available in

more experiance lets watching this video:

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  1. Jarita says:

    Thanks for sharing this process . I have this syphon coffee maker. But I didn’t used this properly. After saw this video, I understood this, how to use. now I will try .

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