How To Make Indonesian Brewed Coffee

How to make a variety of coffee there. This time we will try the easiest: Indonesian brewed coffee!

As the name suggests, the point is how to make the Indonesian brewed coffee and water slammed directly. Simple! that is call “Kopi Tubruk”.

Coffee submerged (with the immersion method) and immediately ready to drink. Stage was short. No loss of time we spend 4 minutes. Because remember, the result is a cup of black coffee the most delicious!


Tubruk Coffee

Glance instant coffee
Indonesian brewed coffee is a way of making the most ordinary coffee. In homes, brewed coffee most often served. In the office and in the workplace.

In the village, the farmers often bring lunch coffee powder and hot water (and sugar) to coffee in the fields. In public events such as meetings or lectures, instant coffee is often served. In Indonesia, brewed coffee is often identified with the sweet black. Yes. After “ditubruk”, coffee is often directly mixed with sugar.

However, in coffee shops (and good) brewed coffee is served without sugar. These characters to feel directly the coffee we drink. One again, for the health 🙂
How to make black coffee: must be noted though that easily impressed, note the following things if we want the best brewed coffee:

In serving instant coffee, 90 percent fill our cups of water. The role of water is very important! Make sure that the water we use is clean and at the right temperature.

I usually use mineral water brand Amidis to brew coffee. This suggestion of my friends who is good at making coffee, hehehe. They said, could be issued a mineral water coffee character. If no, the water we use it everyday. Just make sure the water is fresh. Tasteless and odorless.

For instant coffee, water is usually heated to about 90 degrees Celsius. If you do not have a thermometer, cook to boiling water and leave for 1.5-2 minutes.

Coffee will be brewed
The next most important part is obvious. We have to have a coffee! What we must be sure and prioritize the freshness of the coffee. In this case, I frankly recommend the freshly ground coffee beans.

Ideally, the coffee beans are we going to have to grind fresh anyway. He should be fresh from the roast (roasted). Do not use roasted coffee beans that have been languishing over 2 months.

Therefore, we have a good grinder (a coffee grinder) itself. In this way, steeping later brewed coffee that we produce will be fresh, flavorful and pull out the best character. Coffee already ground form this time a bit rough. Coffee already ground form. This time it is rather rough (medium to fine).


coffee already ground

The second thing, note the size gilingnya.
For instant coffee, usually finely ground coffee beans (fine). The more coarse grind size of coffee, the water will be more difficult to dissolve sari-sari.

Tool makers
Next, consider the tools that we use. Must be clean!
For instant coffee, a tool used was simple. There is a pot to boil water, pitcher to pour water, a spoon for stirring (if necessary), as well as a server or a cup of brewed coffee to the container.

Coffee and water ratio
Comparison coffee and water is very important.
If too much water, will dilute steeping. If the dose of coffee too much, he can beat the taste and other characters. Commonly held principle is 1/15. One part coffee to 15 parts water.

If we had coffee 20 grams, the water that we use about 300 ml. This principle is believed to emit the flavor and character of the coffee optimally.

Time makers
Timing is everything. In order steeping we produce the best taste and aroma, brewed right takes time.

For this tubruk method, the time that we need approximately 4 minutes.
In addition, at the beginning we should brew the coffee soaks for 30 seconds. This is to heat up the coffee grounds in the initial (pre-heating). Moreover, we do well to remove gas contained in coffee and between them.

Watching this video for more experiance:

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