7 Unique Coffee Shop

Some coffee shops have a concept or rely on the uniqueness of the taste of coffee served. However, I think every coffee shop must also pay attention to this one factor. Of course there must be another unique thing that should be highlighted that the main attraction or characteristic of warkop us.

If in big cities, many coffee shops and luxurious premium concept, let alone make a coffee shop with more traditional concepts with a strong local culture. It’s unique and not many businesses that do warkop this concept. For example, the waiters wear traditional clothes, disposable cups cup typical of a particular area, how to make it adapted to the traditional way of specific areas and so forth.

From the design or architecture, a unique coffee shop design will certainly be the main attraction. The architecture of coffee shop will indicate to whom the coffee shop reserved. Classic design for coffee lovers, certainly different from the modern coffee lovers ranging from how to care, furniture, layout, types of coffee and others. The following is an example of a unique coffee shop I have ever read.

1. Tree Coffee in Naha Harbour, Japan


Want to try a cup of coffee in the tree? Try to come to Tree Coffee in Naha Harbour. The coffee shop offers a unique concept that makes coffee shop at the top of a large tree with a height of 6 meters. But do not be fooled, the tree that is used here is the alias imitation artificial tree. Although at first glance looks traditional, but the coffee shop provides a lift and spiral dates for guests who want a little exercise. Unique, right?

2. Wash & Coffee, Germany and the Netherlands


In Berlin and Amsterdam, there is a laundry place belonging to the coffee shop. So for locals who want to wash clothes and wondering what to do while waiting for the laundry, where this can be done while drinking coffee. But be careful, not to drink the coffee into the washing machine yes!

3. Coffee Shop on Wheel

coffee on wheal

The term coffee shop on this wheel is a coffee shop that does not have a store. That is, the coffee shop is always moving because the concept of this store using a truck as a place. A truck modified with a simple and elegant concept to become a visitor attraction to visit. Unfortunately, this coffee shop like no in Indonesia.

4. Calico Cat Coffee in Tokyo, Japan


Drinking coffee with a cat? It sounds weird, but in Japan there is a coffee shop in which there is a lot of cats. So, while enjoying coffee and other menu, we can all play with the cats there. Seru huh? No need to worry, all the cats here assured of cleanliness anyway.

5. Bau House Dog Café, bidet, South Korea


Another in Japan, the other also in Korea. With a similar concept, a coffee shop in South Korea to bring many types of dogs are cute. For you dog lovers, this is one place that must be visited. Just like in Japan, all the dogs that are here is assured hygiene and health. So we do not need to worry!

6. Cave Café, Okinawa, Japan


As usual, Japan has always been famous with the unique-unique. As in the Okinawa area, there is a place called Gangala no Tani, which is a tourist area with a wide variety of cave flora and fauna live. Right inside one cave there are stalactites Cave Café, the café under the cave. In this cafe that people can enjoy a cup of coffee while looking at the incredible natural scenery.

7. Kauko Coffee Shop, Helsinki, Finland


Café this one is the only cafe of the most ignorant. Why? Because when we again take it easy coffee here, a chair or a table where we could sit suddenly up and down. In addition, the song that is playing well can suddenly change from jazz to metal. Uniquely, the disorder is controlled by those who are online via the Internet. Yep, so when you have coffee there will be a video camera connected to the Internet, and those who look on the internet you can directly ngisengin you right away. But still, because of the disruption that can offer free coffee, just to be ready for it.

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