How To Desain an Unique Coffee Shop

On this time I will give you some tips to start opening a coffee shop. Maybe a lot of online magazines and several reference books that explore how to design a comfortable coffee shop, but rarely found a unique way of designing different from each other, but on the other hand the creativity of the instigators of a business in cafenery very much and continues to grow, today many popping up various types cafe that serves a wide variety of decorating themes are classified as very unique, from ethnic themed to the use futuristic theme elegant and luxurious impression. Dynamism creativity instigators of effort in bringing a wide variety of decorating themes for his cafe cafeteria in the world makes the competition is very tight and promises lucrative profits, coupled with the enthusiasm of people who loved to gather together while enjoying the free wifi to just open social sites and shopping online. Even employees who spend time transaction with the customer / client. occasionally also want to spend time in the coffee shop to relax and enjoy a cigarette and forget for a moment that occurs in the office after a very boring routine.

Not only thrive in big cities alone but nearly every corner of the village can easily be found unique coffee shop with a variety of models and its own culinary theme. for example with very beautiful rustic theme, cafe Area paddy fields and ravines, but very crowded in the visit of the local youth and even tourists from home and abroad. Pengusungan cafe design is closely associated with the culinary served at the cafe, both ethnic and culinary culinary very modern though. Not just in terms of culinary, interior design used must be very unique and precise placement, it is intended to provide a distinctive appearance and add to the impression of comfort cafe visitors to spend time relaxing in the cafe.

Cafe on the theme coffee shop should be able to combine a cozy atmosphere as the audience of coffee enjoying her coffee grain with different fantasy with a dish and the effects of existing decoration in the coffee shop. Besides coffee shop should also provide a wide range of variants of the spread of Robusta coffee and Arabica, if you are able to try to come up with innovations in the process the two types of coffee into a new variant as the mascot of your coffee shop, so that it becomes the identity of the coffee shop you have and certainly different from the others.

Perhaps some of these tips may help or may add a reference on how to design for your coffee shop that wants to open a coffee shop or business, including:

1. Display comfortable in a strategic location.tepi sawah
A coffee shop needs a convenient location. Many people who come to the coffee shop without any reason. They sometimes stop by spontaneously so see your coffee shop. Therefore, inviting aroma in a strategic location will help you attract customers spontaneously.

2. Good atmosphere with music and temperature according to the situation.
Cozy atmosphere in the coffee shop is created in cooperation of the music, the service of your staff and the room temperature. Yes, the temperature or temperature. For example in the cold mountains, the temperature is warmer room will hold the customer to stay longer. Try to find a good temperature balance in your neighborhood. Parameter is if people are willing to take off their coats and really enjoyed the coffee you serve. Try as much as possible can combine a variety of furniture that is very convenient to visitors. If possible, hire a designer spatial reliable, that coffee shop you become very attractive and seem more luxurious.
Spatial should not limit the movements of the visitors were very dynamic. The provision of a variety of different types of coffee that is very unique as the coffee shop menu mainstay. Complete your store with some other support such as wifi hotspot and multiple unit supplies simple games such as chess, checkers, or snakes and ladders, so that visitors can spend time with comfort and enjoy a dish of coffee menu is on offer.


3. Product quality is comparable to the price.
You can not set low prices on everything. However, you also do not need expensive materials to bring a dish that is capable of giving full satisfaction to the customer. Cultivate creativity presentation / display and processing of grain that will help you save cost significantly. Then so be innovative with your menu. Offer something different. Proud of what you are selling and show your pride to your customers.

4. The service friendly and fast.
Speaking of services, we often do not analyze (tune-in) with the customer to find what kind of services really needed by the customer. Though necessary for us to look at our coffee shop on the side of the customer. Little things like eye contact, given name, taste, or start a small talk can sometimes be the difference between your services with others. Well talk about competition, there is no harm to ‘study visits’ with another coffee shop that knows already how well your service to the customer. Never forget that the customer is a customer. Customers can be quite difficult in the beginning. But ultimately, customers are customers and they will determine the life and death of your business.

5. The ability of the management staff. Full of motivation and training.
The waiter is your front liners coffee shop. Then maintain a good working dynamic is your job as a leader.

The staff will work hard to look happy when they are really happy. So explain to them that your business is not messing around, how much money you have to spend for your business, and educate your staff about the importance of their role for your business. People work for money, not just because they like you as their supervisor.

6. Promotion through the website.
Although not as important to the coffee shop to have a website, in fact, today’s customers tend to ask Google first on the hangout that is closest to their location. Thus, you can exploit these opportunities to attract local customers. Include your full address, and various key words about coffee so that your website is easily found in Google. If you still have plenty of time to spare, setting social media also accommodate coffee lovers.


Very dynamic world of coffee shops these days so many activists small and medium-sized businesses to optimize their ability to innovate and bring berkreasai the different kinds of new ideas. Maybe some of the above tips can add a wide variety of your creation on the reference design bagamaina coffee shop and tips on how to design a unique coffee shops and in the interest of the visitors.

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